Have we missed the boat?

Since Peter Wilson's fantastic win in the Olympic Double Trap event last month I can't help but think that the shooting community/organisations have missed a huge opportunity to promote shooting as a sport. Yes he was thrust into the limelight and did very well being interviewed by Gary Linekar and Chris Evans, I'm still amazed on the coverage he got from Auntie, but could BASC/CPSA/CA have done more in the past weeks to promote shooting?

Has anyone ever seen a TV advertisement for any of their organisations? The only advertisement they do is in the shooting press?? Push out the advertising stratergy and expose more people to shooting. With Peter Wilson still in the public mindset should we be capitalising on his success?
yes, there should have been a more coordinated effort by all the disiplines to use the coverage to promote our sport, as well as using the Olympics to highlight the stupidity of a 'national pistol team' with positions that were elected by the home office and not competitively compeated for. didnt do very well did they?

Once again, this just shows the lack of a real national overall body to represent ALL Sporting Shooters in the UK.

but the Olympics has helped a lot, talking to my local FEO this week he says there is a BIG increase in apps for Shotgun and Firearms Certs, theres a big increase in membership apps at my rifle clubs, there has never been as many FAC and SGC as there are now in the UK, with record numbers of legal firearms held.

shooting in the UK is on the up. about time too.

....spread the word.


The CA have constantly bombarded me with email propagander to do with the shooting but as with Sydney you wont get on the local clay layout until the game season opens.
I gather there was a fair bit of debate within the BBC on how much and how to present the shooting during the Olympics. We are still perceived as dealers in death by many in the media and I don't see us ever having a shooting programme like in the 80's on tv.
If we want to make our sport more popular clubs should take a look at their set ups. Lots of clubs can seem unhelpful to new or potential members.


Received a circular e mail from the CA about this last week! Its not too late remember the local A and E will be full of middle aged wannabee Usain Bolts for a while yet!

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Metro had an article about some woman clay shooter that didnt accuse her of baby killing.

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