Have We Let Them Down?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Markintime, May 26, 2010.

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  1. In October it'll be exactly 50 years since Mervyn Griffith-Jones asked the question if (Lady Chatterley's Lover by DH Lawrence) was the sort of book "you would wish your wife or servants to read".

    How the world has changed in just 50 short years. A man's dominion over his wife has all but disappeared. Gone are the men of moral substance who were willing to apply the cane of obedience to both wife and child.

    The recalcitrant child would usually receive 5 strokes of a bamboo cane over his/her outstretched hand whereas the wife would be required to supplicate herself over her husband's knee with skirts raised and knickers lowered to receive her man's corrective hand.

    Women enjoyed the attention of an upright man and welcomed his correction and guidance. Life was so much easier because she had little reason to worry her head over 'serious' issues and affairs of state, she could concentrate on the kitchen and the nursery and with making herself presentable for her man's homecoming at the end of his busy but important day.

    Is it so long ago that a woman's only goal was to satisfy her husband without selfish demands to fulfil 'her needs'? What decent woman had 'her needs' anyway? If a man wanted dirty sex then he employed a professional to cater to his baser needs. He always remembered that it was his wife who was closest to his offspring it was important not to have her distracted by lewd thoughts.

    Life has become to complicated for modern woman, what measures would you introduce to instigate a "return to basics"?
  2. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Increased domestic violence might improve the situation.
  3. NONE ! .We are now in the 21st century .Lets live by todays standards not yesteryear .I am all for discepline .But the cane is out and so is slapping the wifes bare arse (unless she likes it!!) :(
  4. Poof
  5. I think that only applied if you were upper class Markintime?
    Otherwise the lower classes lived in hovels where blokes got p!ssed, women were hammered and kids were popped out every year without fail.

    Hang on...nothings changed has it :?

    ( apart from the invention of TV and Jeremy Kyle )
  6. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Who the fcuk gave Germaine Greer an ARRSE login?
  7. As bossyboots says, I think it's a class thing. My ex's grandad (who I never met, but estimate was of working age between around 1925 - 1970) knew his place. He handed over his pay packet on a Friday evening, and his missus handed hm back a minimal amount of pocket money. This meant that he was unable to spend much time in the pub.

    It sounds as if it was a similar domestic arrangement to that depicted on "Last of the Summer Wine".
  8. I read an article recently that discussed the rise in dominatrix services in this country. Some chaps love a bit of stern correction and ritual humiliation, not to mention a jolly good spanking, for which they are enthusiastically grateful. Apparently.

    A false economy in these austere times. A small measure of psychological and emotional manipulation and you can train her indoors to do pretty much anything. It's an investment.
  9. "Robert da hero" will be along in a minute.
  10. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Long gone are the days of feeling guilty because the missus asked me to do the hoovering while she was out with her mates, having her haranguing me when she got back, because I'd been looking at porn instead.

    I got to the point where something had to give. Either I left, she left or I put a shovel to her skull and pretended she'd gone on a long holiday. One particular day, I'd got back from B&Q (where I'd been sent for plant pots), only to have her shouting at me about the fact that I'd got the wrong sizes.

    Suddenly, I snapped. I shouted "Be quiet woman, enough with your vileness and wicked speech! I am the man of this house and you will obey me!"

    My arm came back across my swelled chest, her eyes widened in horror and then terror as it then swept round and struck her hard across the cheek, with my ring catching the skin.

    I have to admit to a little frisson of sexual excitement, and a small amount of love-leakage into my pants from my semi-erect manhood when my missus fell to the floor, cowering and looking hurt and confused with her hand to a red patch on her cheek from my manly back-hander.

    "Let this be a lesson to you woman, never to question my authority in this house again! Get into the kitchen, now, and make me some food, for I am hungered by my anger in you, vile wench!"

    As she did so, I went out to the shed for half an hour to relive the moment whilst jostling my gentleman frantically to spurting fruition.

    Now when I get home from work, she looks at the floor when she greets me, and my food is on the table, next to the newspaper. Our home life is now blissfull, with the wife keeping the household and child in good order. I am free to concentrate on larger matters of state and business, without unecessary and pointless interruptions to my thoughts.

    Women! Know your limits!
  11. I blame the hermers, all this pc, caring, sharing, men getting in touch with their 'feminine side'!! You don't see 'proper' men waxing their arrse crack and using fake tan!

    See, us birds like a PROPER bloke! You can't blame us if a man can't slap the skin off a rice pudding! Gone are the old days where your bloke would give you a playful punch, you'd give him a quick slap or mouthful of abuse to help him get in the mood for handing out a proper pasting! Nowadays, you give him a slap back and he runs crying to the pub to 'share' with his mates!! Or limps off to casualty for stitches! Poofs!

  12. And then you woke up to find her buggering you senseless with a stap on while shouting 'Take the punishment'? :lol:
  13. Such twas the root of the derisory question "Would you give her an opened pay-packet?" about a well built/crabby wife.

    As for the initial Q, I blame Richard Pankhurst, the twat.
  14. I'm all for a quick cuff around the back of the head but I'm not sure I should be accepting advice on the finer arts of domesctic violence from a woman you'd struggle to slow down with a elephant gun.
  15. Poof :twisted: