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"Have we ever lied to youse ?" says Adams


Kit Reviewer

AOL said:
Gerry Adams urged the British and Irish Governments to ignore a major row over alleged IRA weapons retention and prove they can advance the troubled Northern Ireland peace process.

The Sinn Fein president also insisted the Provisionals had dealt decisively with their guns as his party demanded the disbandment of a ceasefire watchdog that provoked uproar with its arms assessment.

That means, "We've been nicked ! Ban the enquiring barstards !"

AOL said:
But Mr Adams insisted that his party was not prepared to simply wait for the DUP to grasp the new political realities. He said: "The IRA have dealt decisively with the issue of arms. It cannot be done again. Those opposed to this process are attempting to bring all of us down a cul-de-sac...
"Not prepared to wait" ?
What wll they do then, use the non-existent wpns to persuade people to come round to PIRA's point of view ?

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