Have we ever faced an enemy more stupid than...

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by angular, Sep 15, 2008.

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  1. Well there's always the natives of Umboto Gorge with their sharpened mangoes...

    That article is actually pretty offensive, on a par with the sort of bile that Amanda Platell vomits out (and the vile Burchill hag before her). I think the author is just trying a bit too hard to be "edgy", like a third former practicing his swearing and spitting whilst choking on a Menthol filter tip.
  2. Rod Liddle is an arrse. The worst thing you can do is underestimate your enemy.

    Aside from what we may see in this country, studies of suicide bombers across the world show that many (in particular Palestinians) are educated and from an affluent, middle class background, those from a poor background are unlikely to want to deprive their family of another wage. That we have the ramshackle displays of terrorism that Liddle highlights is indicative not of some forlorn idiocy on the part of the terrorist, but the effect that our security forces and a rationalised society has on the development of radical thoughts into radical actions. Unfortunately events show just how devastating it is when the terrorists get it right.

    Liddle is trivialising an important matter for a few cheap laughs and bit of copy - he knows nothing of the subject.
  3. I can't really be offended by it, our home grown teen taliban do seem a little inept ( 7/7 excluded)

    Question is how many of the feckers are there, out there? Do these hi profile low IQ efforts take the heat off more sophisticated and subtle planners movers and shakers, or can the jihaddis really only recruit by gently brainwashing the vunerable disenfranchised misfits of british muslim society
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    And while I wouldn't want to accuse him of plagarism, it's pretty close to a thread startred by myself in the NAAFI just 2 days before this piece was published.

    Martyrdom buffoons.
  5. Of course Liddle's an arrse. But there's a difference between underestimating your enemy, and taking the pi$$.
  6. In Aden, we had plenty of examples of terrorist incompetence; some of the NLF grenade-throwers were spectacularly ineffective, like the guy who dropped a Mills 36 into a narrow alley from a rooftop as a patrol went past. He leaned out from his perch to view his handiwork - and copped the baseplug between his eyes. (No injuries to the section in the alleyway.) Regardless of which, we still lost hundreds of good lads over there. Bat_Crab got it right: don't ever underestimate even the most inept terrorist: he means you harm - and, if he survives his initial failure, he'll get better at doing you harm.

  7. Bah!! Incompetent? You have to look no further than Norn Iron:

    1. A scally from 'RA who believed himself to the Mother Of All Bombers-used to crimp the dets with his teeth.............until it all went badly wrong one day. He was found lying next to the device with a very surprised look on what was left of his face. It's possible that I may have a pic somewhere...............

    2. UDF clowns who were leaning on a local garage owner, asking for subsatantial donations to the cause.........and left a business card which included a contact number, address and name FFS!!??

    3. A squealing tout who was dumped on the steps of Royal Vic with a soggy mess were his left knee should have been..................followed 10 minutes later by another squealer who was missing his big toe. Turns out the first had been 'disciplined' by the second - who then missed the right knee but hit his own foot! He was using an old Colt .45.......blood and snot everywhere.
  8. I agree entirely with Bat_Crab. Just because some folks are totally inept (in spite of their good, or bad, intentions) doesn't mean that it applies across the board.

    We should be very wary of laughing off the whole terrorist thing just because of a few mongs among them.

  9. Reminds me of the journos who used to take the piss out of the Viet Minh/PAVN because all their supplies were at some point carried on bicycles.

    As for this lot, even with a mong ratio of 10:1 they'll get something through sooner or later, probably sooner.
  10. From what I can gather (and I have no personal experience since Norn Iron in the '70s), whoever is training the Taliban (or whatever they call themselves these days) has their sh1t together. You don't plan big ambushes and react very quickly with large forces to well trained British units without a lot of professional expertise.

    As regards Rod Liddle, I read his column in the Sunday Times and a more opinionated twat it would be hard to find. A former 'Socialist Worker' who now appears to have seen the light.
  11. My bold. How many do you think where taught by CIA/MI6 in the 80's? Or just went through RMAS/OCS before handing in thier papers in thier home countries forces.
  12. i do think you gotta give em all respect. The amount of technolgy and class of soldiers their up against (clearly french not included ere) they're obviously learning and doing well. Lol
    Looking at Iraq, their tactics shifted and the amount of our boys maimed and killed clearly did have an affect as all our wonderful government done was close camps, hand back their fighters and now give it time and we be out soon. So in Iraq they clearly have done well.
  13. Ord_Sgt

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    It's also worth remembering these warriors of the 80's are no longer fit young twenty somethings but approaching middle aged 40 somethings.
  14. Having impecable taste when it comes to one's enemy is the mark of a great general.