Have we been hoodwinked by the people making PCS?

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by tubes45, Jun 12, 2012.

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  1. I have just received my new issue of PCS and had the first chance to have a detailed look at it. As an ex regular and working in the technical garment industry I was very interested in looking at what the fuss was. Unfortunately I am very dissapointed. The trousers have been billed as dealing with some of the major issues that we had with the backside going through on the old kit. The profered solution was one of reinforcement on the seat and other high wear areas. What has actually hapened is that the design has been corrupted so that there is indeed a seam which suggests the reinforcement has been done however it is purely an illusion. The fabric is no different and there is no reinforcement. They may as well have reduced the complicatuon of the design and get rid of the seam altogether. This poor construction continues through the shirt as well with low quality seams and unintelligent design with strange use of velcro in places which does make one wonder what the level of design expertise or experience of the kind of activities these pieces of clothing would be used for. Seen as we have a fantastic new camoflage, which I know from first hand experience is far more effective than good old DPM or desert cam, it is such a shame that the opportunity has been wasted to be more intelligent in the selection of better fabrics and designs. Surely now is the time to start making things properly and stop our lads being victims of idiotic designs and money grabbing companies who arent doing what is in the best interests of the user!!!
  2. The thin mesh inside the field jackets is too thin, it rips after a few attempts of stuffing maps and crap into your pockets. Love the range pockets though. Also the compass pocket doesn't take the prismatic. Velcro doesn't last long either, but I think this has already been done.
  3. Isn't your kit made in China? Get what you pay for I suppose.
  4. The Army paying huge amounts for substandard kit and fobbing it off as world beating?

    HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!
  5. I quite like my PCS, but the proof of the pudding will be in the month of playing soldiers in BATUS in a few weeks, and after that my opinion won't count anyway as I'll be out in the big bad world.
  6. I'm glad I bagged me a new CS95 trials pattern windproof smock in MTP as I've always liked that design. But the material does feel a wee bit shonky compared to the DPM.
  7. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Yep, these ouens get their stuff made in Vietnam.
  8. The Army issue decent kit and save the lads the bother/expense of obtaining their own? Where would be the sense in that?

    Pooly designed kit? Wasn't '58 webbing designed by a splitter? (or is that an urban fairy tale?)
  9. Are the long sleeve shirts in PCS all year round issue? I hear rumours that its actually just intended for winter and the summer issue is alike the MTP/CS95 shirt/field jacket, though the store man told me to stop asking stupid questions and that there was no way i could get my broken cap badge replaced.
  10. Unless I'm corrected PCS isn't meant to be worn in SSO.

    Although having worn it a while now I do think they've gone a little over the top on the Velcro.
  11. Why is it my Warm Weather shirts are twice as thick as the Temperate Weather shirts? Chuffed to **** I brought them to bleeding Afghanistan!
  12. PCS lightweight jackets are having the forearm frag pockets and sleeve pockets removed in the very future because of continuous bleating about sleeves up/down. We will also be adopting tucked in and sleeves up.

    The argument is that to need the arm pockets, you are in body armour, and therefore, will wear UBACS.

    People are forgetting that we should be able to operate in all environments. If we go to places colder that Afghanistan/Iraq in future they are expecting us to wear UBACS...how cold?

    I feel that we are going backwards...and so do PT, I might add. The retired Maj of PT stated that he was asked to design a uniform for combat, and is under pressure to smarten it up for barracks, hence the

    I agree that the uniform is very cheaply made and has massive room for improvement, but...

  13. Caecilius

    Caecilius LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Why not just issue the old shirts in MTP? That way you have lightweight jackets and smocks to choose from in the field, and shirts (which are both smarter and more comfortable, particularly in summer) to wear when in barracks. It seems a simple solution. Otherwise the new uniform is rather good IMHO.
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  14. So we're going to waste money when we've desperately skint to please a few dinosaurs who've thrown their dummy out of the pram cos CDS has issued an order they don't like? If I was CDS I'd be popping round a few offices to personally charge these c**ts who seem to think dress orders are optional
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  15. Actually Kit money has been wasted putting the bloody things on in the first place. Get rid of unnecessary velcro and badges and get back to the idea that simple is the best. Not putting extraneous crap on the jacket means less work and materials and therefore much less cost. Unless the supplier manages to convince the experts at procurement that not doing something will make it costlier.