Have we all been naughty?

Or is it that some of us were too good?  
I used to be a Sect 2IC and I was really proud of my shiny 4 stars.  Now I have but 3 and am classified as a Brew Bitch!  What's going on Boss?  Were there too many chiefs? What are the new numbers we must strive to attain then?

'ang on! Pregnant Dog? Sheesh.. this army is getting softer by the day!


let me take this opportunity to check my rank........


DAGNAMMIT!! demoted........
I knew i should'nt have thrown that 1033 away!! :(
This is the Army,   they can change the goalposts whenever they want.   :p

Right.  Back to that Stage 4 trench.....  :( :(
I'm also down to only one star... Demoted without any redress? Does that include a drop in pay?
Having just had a closer look I find my self in the members list as a 'Sniff-test man' with over 30 posts. I don't really think that's fair and demand(ish) an post from the top explaining how this can happen.
:-[Could we get an answer from the moderators on this one please. (Salutes like Arnold J Rimmer and marches out of the thread). :-[

Bad CO

Book Reviewer
Right - after you lot whinging I've put it back to what it used to be.

For those who haven't noticed we have upgraded the software and one of the things it did was put the stars back to the default.  You needed 500 to have 5, its now 100... so there you go.
Wahey! Now I look dead important again!


War Hero
Well it looks like it Nurse, I think that the CO tried changing it for a bit of a difference!  I think it's best this way.......you?? ;D ;D


They must have only given you local or acting and not bloody told you.  Anyway, get the kettle on - Coffee no sugar! ;D
Well I'm fed up of being a brew b*tch.... I've had enough of all the blisters.... I mean stiring the sick-mans coffee with my D**k all the time is blo**y painful  :eek:

Makes me smile when he drinks it though  ;D

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