Have they upgraded or is there no bother

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by down_under, Aug 26, 2008.

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  1. Having watched Ivan running about Georgia on the news it is apparent he still favours the AK. Now, not being a gun nut has Ivan ever upgraded the AK or is there no need to? Most countries'll bring in another gat sooner or later as the Brits, Oz armies have. I was just wondering about the Ivans?
  2. I believe the standard russian rifle is the ak 74 which takes a 5.45 round
  3. Its not the 74 its still the AK-47 Kalashnikov!
  4. No expert am I , but while there are variants, it's still pretty much the original AK design at the backend. It works, it's reliable, why muck with it?
  5. Very few "Kalashnikovs" are the AK47. Most are the subsequent model, the AKM.

    The much later, but mechanically similar, AK74 can be visually identified by having a magazine that is straighter than the banana mags of the AK47 and AKM.
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    Spot on incendiarycutlery.

    There are other versions out there and the nomenclature changes accordingly. There are also quite a few new weapons in service with the Russians.

    As for pretty much any Army, it depends on role/unit/etc.
  7. Being an official gun nut(!) I can tell you that the standard rifle of the Russian Army is still the AK-74M in 5.45x39, which as has been pointed out is essentially a re-worked AKM. From pictures, there also seem to be a few AKS-74 and AKS-74U in use in South Ossetia (airborne and compact versions respectively).

    The Russians had a classified programme in the early 90's codenamed 'Abakan' to replace the AK-74M. This eventually selected the AN-94 Nikonov assault rifle - a rather weird design that can fire a 2 shot burst at 1800 rpm. However the Russians have never fielded them in any quantity; presumably because they don't have the budget to do so.
  8. AKM was an excellent weapon.I used it in anger for 2 years,and it never let me down.
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  12. Weapons are only changed when a new caliber comes along. Happended with in the 'west' and 'east' alike.

    Imagine if the FN FAL was kept around in 5.56mm form that's what the Russians are using.
  13. A few of them on news reports had what looked like AK-100 series rifles, basically AKM or AK-74 with plastic as opposed to wooden furniture...The Russkies sold a buttload of AK-103 (in 7.62x39mm) to the Venezuelans, maybe they're using them as a cheaper alternative to the AN-94...also, didn't the Russians develop a bullpup rifle called the OTs-14 Groza for Spetznaz? Did they ever issue that or was it just experimental?
  14. The AK-100 series is just the commercial version of the AK-74M. The difference between the 'M' and the older '74' is that it has the black plastic furniture, a folding stock and a side rail optical mount.

    The Groza was originally developed for MVD (Interior Ministry) troops and apparently also used by SF units. I don't think it's made anymore.
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