Have they re-named The Depot?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Outstanding, Dec 19, 2007.

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  1. saw a different form of HQ address used yesterday?
  2. Outstanding,

    You need a break, go on leave, let it go. Just for christmas.

    Seasons greetings

  3. Would that be:

    Blackdown Barracks
    Surrey GU16 6RW
  4. i think its Princess Royal Barracks......and has been for a long time

    but the School of Log was renamed as the Defence Logistics and Supply School (DLSS)....

    or did you mean Logistic Support Training Group which became the Defence College of Logistics (DCL) and more recently was renamed as the Defence College of Logistics and Personnel Administration (DCLPA)
  5. Due a change again then?? :roll:
  6. Leave is for those who dont know when to take days off!
  7. Did you pull that one straight from the military Phrase Book?
    Ignorance just does not suit you!

    Merry Christmas Leave or will you be taking a few days off over the period?

  8. Merry Christmas - i will be on duty in an Ops Rm - woo hoo!!