Have the Froggs taken a bravery pill??

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by grippar, Sep 16, 2007.

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  1. No great fan of the French, but always admired the way they retained an independent nuclear capability.
    Suppose it's their way, turn Teheran into a puddle of glass from 1,000 miles away.
  2. Bliiiiiiiimey
  3. I am as committed an anti-French xenophobe as the next Roast Beef eating Englishman, but even Wellington would attest to the occasional bravery of the French. Grognards at Austerlitz, Lancers at Jena, or the Pontonniers freezing to death holding up a bridge to save the French army on the long march from Moscow in 1812.

    What about the Poilus at Verdun? Or Paras at Dien Bien Phu and Algiers?

    They do have backbone. They are prepared, (on occasion) to show it. If Iran, or for that matter anyone else decides to threaten them (or more likely their direct interests), the Force de Frappe is the ultimate way in which France can respond. They have the capability, and the will, to project expeditionary force globally. That they did not intervene in Iraq or Afganistan is a choice with which I passionately disagree, but nonetheless it was their choice to make - in a democratic international society sometimes our allies will not agree. That doesn't mean they are weak.
  4. and they have more ships than the RN... merde...
  5. Fair one. :)
  6. France is preparing for war with Iran by stepping up production in its war industries.

    White Flag manufacturing has gone through the roof.
  7. No, but surrendering when less than half of your country has been invaded by the bosch (and turning over all your Jews and other undesirables) does.

    The rest of it is just the French. Burning OUR sheep at the ports, blocking OUR lorries and all the rest of their freakish laws and culture.

    Should have dug the tunnel to Holland instead.

    Although the Dutch might have used it like some huge bong or something.

    All over France now you can hear the sounds of its military gearing up for war. The clicks of 100s of Flag cases being opened and the traditional battle colours being taken out and unfurled (for the first time in decades). The National Flag of 3 stripes; white, white and white.

    And the traditional pre-war dipping of the regimental colour in bleach to make it conform to the National flag. This makes it harder for Sharpe and the boys to steal the flag, as they don't know which one to steal. The National, the Regimental or the pillow case being used as a flag!!!! :D

    The soldiers are doing their traditional Battle PT....

    Hands in the air, hold them, hold them, come on in battle you may have to do this all day!!!!

    and testing their weapons in the gruelling "drop test".

    The special "collabration units" have been renamed "administration change units".
  8. Good lads. If French gets stuck in I will have frogs legs for breakfast for the rest of my life. Well done Frenchy
  9. Q. Why do the French roads have trees either side of them?

    A. So the invaders can march in the shade.

    HAHAHAHAHAHA still get's me that one.

    Could make aspertions about the differences between French Bread and British Bread.

    Have you tried to make soldiers out of French Bread?
  10. The new bod Sarkozy (sp?) changing things. Their ambassador was in Iraq the other day too, and being nice to the Yanks.

    Methinks the French attitude relates to a new attitude to the intifada going on in their cities.
  11. Remember Cad, the French have always been there, when they've needed us. :)
  12. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Mate, the reason the trees line the roads is from Napoleon who wanted that French troops could march to battle in the shade. Thats why they were planted - obviously it works both ways.
  13. Surely it should be :-

    "Mate, the reason the trees line the roads is from Napoleon who wanted that French troops could RUN FROM battle in the shade."
  14. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I thought the tree lined roads were to keep the cheese in the shade and thus cool, at the same time as providing above-ground purchase and support to monkeys and also acting as flag poles for the white flag?