Have the AGC(Pro) taken over this forum?

Bloody Hell - SPS Branch are double the size of our red hatted brethren/sistren.

Have the Green Hats nothing to say in this forum?
You'd think they would, considering the amount of ex RMPs that have joined their ranks. Maybe life is too sweet in the SPS for anyone to have anything to bitch about.
Well that is a surprise as they normally have plenty to say when stood behind a nice big counter telling you that the Army has FCUKED up your pay and they can not do nothing about it! Maybe it is just down to the lack of IT skills that does not allow them to fully interact with the normal people of this site lol....

Maybe we should change the appearance of the forum to a more 'Unicom' appearance, that may make life a little easier, 'Too many bright colours and words....'

Have a good weekend all....
Or maybe they sit in front of a computer monitior all day at work and hear everyone else moaning, officers one side and gisgruntled soldiers on the other. Could be it's just not fun in their own time? :lol:
Its not RMP that's taken over this forum-its Efargee, he's everywhere. He'll be on here in a minute (he's following me..). Today the forum, tomorrow the world!!
Fair point NM, Efargee, needs to do some work, mind you in the Scottish Police don't suppose there is much to do apart from lift the odd sheep rustler!
AGC(PRO) have nuthing else to do all day. The honest law abiding squaddies make their day very boring so they come onto Arrse.

The very busy AGC(SPS) haven't got time during the day so must use their spare 5 mins a day they get when off duty.
Milamber, Mmm, I see you take the clerical side of life seriously, which is a good thing. But if you concentrated more on your spelling then you would find that you would be taken more seriously.
Its not my fault i keep getting my mucking words fuddled.

To be taken seriously on Arrse.... there's a first

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