"Have some of this..."

British officer wins two gallantry awards for fending off Taliban attack with bayonet. - from the Telegraph.

I can't wait until the Guardian gets this story (if it considers it newsworthy under the Correct and Approved Parameters). Will it demand, with great and intense self-righteousness, that Lt Adamson be tried for War Crimes?

After all, he didn't read the alleged 'enemy' their rights, nor did he use a safe, non-discriminatory means of engaging them.
I hope to God his bayonet wasn't rusty.

Blood poisining is nothing to be laughed at.
Nails. Good drills.
Bit of cold steel and "Have some of this". Outstanding leadership/courage from the Argyll. A proper role model for the people in this country.

I see Commando Magazine is still about (bit more than 10p mind), this surely should get a write up. (I wonder what the Taliban would be shouting in it? Banzai etc not really in period anymore)

Well done, award truly deserved
I love the language "a very close encounter" in the citation.

Well done Mr Adamson.
Have some of this? FUKCIN LEGEND! Good drills their sir. :D
hairyarse2 said:
I hope to God his bayonet wasn't rusty.

Blood poisining is nothing to be laughed at.
Bloody brilliant!!

'New Labour' will have to think of more ways to disband even more infantry battalions with stuff like this happening on their watch.

I have no doubt that the 'Uman Rights 'twats' and the 'Elf & Safety 'wozzucks' are even now working on the charges that they can level at this gallant man. Liberty will be outraged! The French will be brushing up on their reasons NOT to pick another fight with the British.

I repeat - brilliant, bloody brilliant!!
Well done, young man! Nice to see some spine being shown.


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Top drills

All together now

They don't like it up em :D
"One of my men, Corporal Billy Carnegie, reached us, looked at the two dead Taliban on the ground and then saw the blood on my bayonet and said "boss what the **** have you been doing?"
top drills :D
Good man!!

I wonder how the two Terries are enjoying their 72 virgins now.
Well done that Man


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Good to see young officers seeing some of the world just like the adverts promise!

Good on him.

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