Have smocks had their day?

Have smocks had their day?

  • Yes, they don't fit in with how we do business anymore

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  • No, they are still useful

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  • We just want them to look ally

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Having read back through the threads in this forum it is quite evident that the emphasis on privately bought kit is moving from exercise comfort to what's best on ops. Given that body armour is currently a la mode, and is definately going to be a feature of all future ops, has the smock had it's day. Do we only want them to look ally in camp, especially as the man from Q & M now does windproofs? Or do they still have a place in the wardrobe?
Next you will want to bin bailling twin from your gaiters!
Smocks are for winners!!!
And for round storeman!
Reasons to own a smock:

1. They look good (a timeless classic)
2. They dry out quicker than a para smock
3. The hood is great for wearing during a power snooze
4. Big pockets to tie things on strings to
5. Big is better (get all your warm kit on underneath it)
6. No need to wear gloves, thats what your botom pockets are for!


1. Not as hard wearing as a para smock
2. Until now, quite hard to exchange through the system
3. If your CSM didn't have one, you couldn't wear one either
4. Shiny kit always grows legs
5. The button on the FFD pocket always falls off, or catches under the window of a lanny when you are driving, or gets tangled in a cam net!!

The verdict:

SMOCKS ARE BRILL!..........Long live smocks :D


Kit Reviewer
Smocks are great. I got mine when I went to Norway, so it was free!

Pros -
1. Free!
2. Doesn't eat your neck
3. Big pockets
4. DS lower pockets
5. Dries out quicker
6. You get one, everyone else soon gets them too. Uniformity there!

Cons - erm,...
Given our global committment, a smock makes more sense than shivering everywhere other than when in the sandbox(es).
Smocks still have their uses. Most people only wear armour when they have to, and you need something warm in those chilly desert nights. Besides, what would you suggest as a replacement for walking around camp in the winter or doing an assault course?

I wear the smock combat windproof woodland, far and away superior to the bog-standard CS95 jacket, which collects water down the back of the neck, and it'll be a while before the Army issues me something better.

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