Have Russian authorities ordered the murder of Litvinenko?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Jul 19, 2007.

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  1. Absolutely sure

  2. I think that yes

  3. Rather yes

  4. I have not enough information

  5. Unlikely

  6. No because it was not in Russian interests

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  7. No because the killing would be made more professionally in this case

  8. No for many reasons.

  1. What do you think?
  2. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    No mate, he was killed months ago.

    They have ordered the killing of Beresovski however, not to mention passing through a resolution in the Russian parliament to allow assassinations of defectors, defectives, troublemakers, criminals and the dispossessed abroad.

    Awfully decent of them. Any chance we could have a word about Tony Bliar?
  3. Not sure why you've opened up this subject all over again, it's been discussed numerous times elsewhere on this site.
  4. Chose the "No because the killing would be made more professionally in this case" option...
  5. No, it must have been an independent asassin with access to his own personal short halflife nuclear isotope production and refinement facility.

    hmmm, likley scenario eh!
  6. I think the Russians are being given too much credit if people think that the killing would of been more professional.

    Unless, as Sergey pointed out elsewhere, Alpha group had done it! Being so awesome.
  7. "No because the killing would be made more professionally in this case"

    Thats what I chose, it reads like a plot from Austin Powers.

    "Lets kill him with a method that only we would be likely do use....."
  8. The material in question is actual exported for use the manufacturing of commen items like hair brushes...
  9. I think it was done as awarning to critics from Putin, make it just obvious enough for everyone to know it's you, but still deniable.
  10. It is used for making anti-static brushes, I'm not sure it is used in hair brushes. Unless you mean it's used in the production of hair brushes but not actually going into the brush.
  11. That's what I meant by "use in the manufacturing" gnu... sorry for the confusion if it came out sounding differant. Yes, hairbrushes also go through the process... well some of them do at any rate. Know my wife has a few like that.

    edit... my point was that the material in question can be found in factories from Pakistan to China so not exactly difficult to aquire or take delivery of.
  12. He's a man!... Man.

    The question that burns in my mind is why the choice of that particular poison.

    I personally think that Putin had nothing to do with it. I'll explain my theory.

    Boris Berezovsky. Has the financial wherewithal, motive, and will to see harm to Putin. The only thing I can't seem to figure out is what he would get from Putins downfall, if just personal satisfaction he took him down. I wouldn't put that past the robber baron types as their egos usually meet or exceed their bank accounts.

    The fact that a highly traceable poison, used in a foreign land where it would become public very fast, against an outspoken critic of Putin is too sloppy for an ex kgb agent that likely made a living from bumping guys off. Why wouldn't he just have had "an accident" or gotten robbed and killed, or even just poisoned by something that leaves no trace, and acted a lot faster.

    The fact that the poison took so long to kill the guy allowed him to speak up yet again thinking it was Putin and placing blame directly by the victim.

    Polonium was used because a trail could be established right back to Moscow. This would be indicative of someone *wanting* others to find the trail and it's origin. This has purposefully done all over it making me think it's more of a set up than Putin killing an outspoken critic.

    Berezovsky could very well have been the one to order the killing and having it made to look like it was Putin. Having it done on an outspoken critic in another country accomplishes a few things. First discredits Putin at home as strong arming the populace, and second on an international scale as being discredited, corrupt, and many of the things discussed on this forum.

    If I am correct in my theory, then I would have to say it was a stroke of genius that pulled this off because apparently, everyone is fooled.
  13. I seriously doubt MI5 and the FSB were as quick to jump to conclusions as the media have been ghost_us.
  14. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070720/ap_on_re_eu/poisoned_spy;_ylt=AjB0u0HHNMlodliiRld8P9pw24cA

    Looks as he is right.

    Lugovoy? Does he look as an agent of Kremlin?


    Is it possible that Putin would send (with a very delicate mission) to the UK a man who was jailed previolsly for an attempt to help an enemy of the Kremlin.