Have QRL failed there optag ????????

Discussion in 'RAC' started by recce-cpl, Aug 23, 2005.

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  1. I dont mean any offence but i heard a nasty rumour that they failed there exercise , there is no malice in this as they are a top Cavalry outfit , however there will be repercusions for us other F.R. units if this is true . Can antone confirm or deny this .
  2. Bloody Fish and chip mobs.
  3. Thats the 9th/12th Lancers !!!
  4. With all the recent defence cuts, it's surprising they even had an exercise!!!
  5. I apologise for asking, but I am a crow, and therefore have no idea, but what is OPTAG?
    What implications would failing it have for the unit involved?
    Thanks for your help.
  6. QRL currently on SPTA on TESEX
  7. operatioanl training and advisory group (OPTAG) do all the training for units deploying on ops. The point is that at the end the OPTAG team assess the units ability to deploy on operations. If a unit fails the exercise then one doubts their ability to perform on ops.
  8. Given recent comments on quality of some troops by senior general, is it any surprise if they have failed. If. So what now - no operational tours until a pass grade? And then some others fail. Bit like Humpty Dumpty's Army. Just have to do something to attract a better class of recruit. So, other than pride, not a bad thing to have a few failures.
    (Tongue in cheek mode ENDS)
  9. have mate in the QRL i will ask, if it is true, he is gonna get some, they have only just gone back to FR and it is full of snappers who have rimmed ther way up, might wake up there grown ups abit
  10. Hmmmmmmmm! Hope not jolly bad form.
  11. No, they have not. They are currenlty on DRUIDS DANCE prior to TESEX next week. Not on OPTAG, not failed anything, not about to. But good rumour to start, apparently.
  12. Whoops wrong button see below !!!!!!
  13. Not starting a rumour , we were told be some of our SNCO'S that had returned from DSing QRL on exercise , i for one didnt believe the rumour as QRL are a good bunch of soldiers . So if all is well with there conversion to recce that will stop the nasty rumours knocking about Osnabruck at the moment .
  14. Yanto ref above rumour, it comes from a very very tall SNCO .
  15. For f**k sake why didn't anyone tell me that the"Tall One" was involved.

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    This thread is now well and truly f**king crap. Bye Bye. Come on the QRL.

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