Have MPs forgotten that our troops are still at war?


As much as the entertainment value in watching a venerable and generally respected political party self-destruct is as good as anything Big Brother could offer, I saw this item in the Telegraph today;

With breathtaking cynicism, the Government arranged for the annual Commons debate on "Defence and the World' to take place last Thursday, to coincide with polling day in the local and Euro-elections. This, and the hysteria over our incredible exploding Government, ensured that only 10 MPs turned up. These included just one Labour backbencher, someone called Madeleine Moon, who assured the House that the only reason why Europe has been at peace since 1945 was the creation of the European Union (she is apparently too young to have heard of Nato).
As the writer goes on to say, this is appalling considering that our troops are fighting and dying (in greater numbers than in Iraq!) whilst they squabble and fight amongst themselves to stay on the gravy-train.

Not the least reason why this has not become a major national scandal is that our MPs are now so dysfunctional that, apart from Lady Winterton, almost none of them had even noticed this tragedy unfolding. The MoD has thus been allowed to get away with its murderous policy, just as it managed to conceal the abject failure of our occupation of Iraq.
Never mind the National Scandal about MPs expenses. Never mind pointing the finger and blaming each other about the state of the economy. Never mind about who will be best at running the country in the future. DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE FACT THAT OUR BOYS ARE DYING, UNNECESSARILY, IN A S H ITHOLE NOT OF THEIR MAKING! Either back them to the hilt with unlimited support - in terms of money, equipment and help - or pull them out NOW. Before another family has to face the heartache of burying their loved one. But, for the love of god, don't just f***ing ignore them! :x :x :x

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