Have Land Rover finally lost the plot?

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by EX_STAB, Aug 31, 2011.

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  1. The latest vehicle from Land Rover is a two wheel drive four door hatch back. Think BMW MINI estate with a body kit.
    5FWD - Range Rover Evoque by Fifth Gear's Fifth Gear


    Is it me or have the stylists and marketeers missed the point of what makes the Land Rover / Range Rover brand what it is?

    I can see this coming unstuck (literally) next time there is much snow!
  2. Target market?
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  3. It's all about making money?
  4. by the time that's out the army will be so small we'll only need one anyway.
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  5. With one's sensible hat on for a moment, why not? Assuming that it's simply a restyled version of a similar construction (i.e. the panels come off with a few minutes attention from a 13mm socket) then it should be no problem at all.
  6. One of the "stylists" being Victoria Beckham!
  7. Agree, considering the Jap's have been handing Land Rover their arse on a plate. Proving that rugged 4x4's don't have to be rudimentary.
  8. I hear that 20,000 people have paid a deposit for the new model so it must be popular with some types.
  9. Didn't James May trial this on Top Gear in Death Valley a couple of months ago? Body design by one Victoria Beckham apparently!!
  10. For all the different vehicles in service today to meet the needs of troops on operations, surely there will always be a need for a basic utilitarian vehicle? Back in the UK, are duty drivers really going to run the various bod's that work later after normal hours back to their pads in a panther, huskey or a wolfhound?
  11. FFS don't let Jeremy Clarkson see it...after what he said about Range Rover last time out, he may finally go postal with one of his much loved AK-47s!
  12. H3

    H3 LE

    It's called Moving on with the times ..... As far as I'm concerned it looks great but then it's not a hardy 4x4 .... Out of my price range too !

    As far as the Top Gear episode Im sure they liked it lots even though that Trout pout Beckham had some form of input ...... Eff knows why !
  13. The only way they could make it look camper is to put a christmas tree on top. A couple are running around where I am working at the moment. One has a natty disruptive pattern cammo (to stop the pess getting a good picture). Word is that they are having trouble getting production figures up. About a month ago they were looking to produce 1000 pw and were still struggling to do 50 (pub talk admittedly).
    Good news is a Defender replacement is on the way, with so I am told a utilarian cheapo version, but don't hold your breath!
  14. Our MT Sergeant chucked his toys out the pram once and sent a Scammell Crusader tractor unit up for the duty driver vehicle to try and cut down on the pissed up ruperts and their slack jawed dragons cadging lifts.
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