Have imports of Afghan Antiques been banned?

Back in January, I think? I asked about getting an 'antique' rifle back from Afghan as my son was thinking of buying one from the jingly market. I was advised to tell him not to bother as it would most probably be a Khyber Pass copy. Anyway he went ahead and bought a Snyder Enfield 1867 got the paperwork and everything was going fine until Tuesday when a blanket ban was imposed on bringing any more firearms back from Afghanistan. Apparently a lot of guys are pretty choked as some of them have bought several rifles and one armourer had stripped one down and and had it looking like new.

Does anyone know anything about this ban?
I can confirm that it's definitely true, although I can't shed any light on why...


Actually, just had a thought...I know for a fact that one officer had his confiscated at Brize a couple of weeks ago. I know the chap concerned and I know for a fact that all of the paperwork including FFE etc was in order.


On our tour loads of blokes were bringing them back, they kicked the living shite out of it. We didn't have to have FFE's as they were over 100yrs old and long barrel only (you were not allowed to bring back short arm weapons)
Many thanks gents, well that's £80 quid down the drain!

My son said this guy was also selling "Mongol Helmets from the time of Gengis Khan". Soviet helmets with goats horns attached!


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Just to rub salt in it, I brought a martini Henry rifle back in 2006 fully paperworked up that cost me £50. Had it valued recently for a £1000 !!!!

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