have I passed the medical?

ive been given a date to do my Pt,and while doing the medical i was worried i ddint pass certain parts of it(hearing eyesight etc)does this mean im all clear,and that ive passed the medical aspect of it,and provided i pass the pt im then in?
do you mean your medical at ADSC? surely if you have been to ADSC then you did your fitness tests up there!?

explain it a bit better and hopefully someone can answer your question


sorry about that,probbaly should of said its not the british army,this is the only place i know were to get some sort of answer,as ive tried emailing them and get no asnwer.
is it right to say that if you fail the medical,they wont let you to go on and do the pt(as im sure the procedure is the same in most armies)

your probably right mate. if you fail the medical there is no point in doing the PT. So if they have asked you along to the PT then you have probably passed the medical. What army? Taliban?
What army then?

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ComebackYELLER said:
yeah your right,i was thinking about the royal irish too,
Good lad.

Think about it, what action you going to see with the IDF?

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