Have I missed this?


But funnily enough browsed through it in the library on Friday.

Looked to me as if it was a fiction , masquarading as non-fiction.....similar to the Cage about a Brit Squaddie in Vietnam which was blown out of the water as a complete fabrication
If memory serves, the general consensus on Desert Fire is that it's utter b*ll*cks.
I bought the book as a holiday read - one of the things that puzzled me was he mentioned a special thanks to Land Rover whose vehicles kept him alive (or something like that) but only a few ex UN Rovers were mentioned and he opted for a Hummer!
muzzleflash said:
Monkey, thanks mate - I knew I could always rely on Arrse to ID a walter at 1000m.
Kind of makes you feel all warm inside, doesn't it?! :D
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