Have I missed the boat?

Morning guys,

I've been with the AGC for about 15 months but, to my chagrin, have only managed to do part 1 of my recruit training (this has been due to conflicting timetables with university).

I'm in a position to concentrate more on the TA this next twelve months and, indeed, I have a 6-month block next year when I am almost completely 'free'.

Having said all that, I'm knocking on 36, although I'm fit for my age. Have I missed this particular boat?
It depends how your unit feels about you Gymkev.

If you can persuade them you're worth investing the time and money in, then your age shouldn't be a barrier.

If your questions is "will I survive 1C/CSMR/Basic" then that depends on your frame of mind as much as anything else.

There are age-related targets for the PFT so you shouldn't be too disadvantaged there, and your presumed maturity will be a benefit.

Good luck whichever way you go.

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