Have I made the wrong trade choice?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by adam6489, Apr 13, 2012.

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  1. Hello,

    Im currently In Blandford waiting to start my (now 32 week) CSop course. My chosen trade is EWSop. Since being here im struggling to get to grips in deciding whether this is the right trade for me, partly because its so hard to find out exactly what we do once in the field army. Alot of this I assume is because of the vetting needed so people are unable to really talk about the trade in any detail. Its also been brought to my attention that there is a hold currently on DV vetting. I know the next EW course starts in Dec so if I were to not be vetted by then Its gonna be the best part of 2 years before I can look to get posted. It just seems a huge commitment to make to something I know little about. Just wondering if anyone can offer me any advice before I start course so if needs be I can look at a change of cap badge whilst there is still time.

    Many thanks

  2. My advice is this loads of people are being made redundant, crack on.
  3. Is that your first name and last 4?
  4. No sir the numbers are random
  5. You are showing the perfect skills for being an EWSysOp; change your name, not for operational security but simply so those at Blandford who regularly trawl this site don't pick up on your issue and then pick on you! Serious though, search the site there are plenty of posts ref your job as there are in the Army site. Rest assured though that even if operations stop in Afghanistan you will be one of the few trades doing your job in peacetime as in wartime. And good luck.
  6. What Jarrod and Ashford said.

    Also, the skills you'd learn in the role will serve you well both in the army and in civvy street. I don't know you personally so can't say whether it's the job for you but from what I know of the job (which is limited to public info) and the way the world is going I'd say it's a good choice.
  7. Are you ******* serious?! People have got far better things to do than ask for a nominal role, and everyone called "adam"

    You dick.
  8. For some strange reason people think these days work must be enjoyable - if it is all well and good, otherwise work, use the money, go on holidays and put up with it.
  9. You sound like the sort of chap who would suit a career in the RMPs.
  10. Really, a job with no responsibilites, i'd love one.
  11. Oh I don't know mate. I've seen a Signals unit at work and that's the kind of mindless bollocks they seemed to revel in - well their seniors anyway.
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  12. Either you miss interpreted what I wrote, or I just don't get what you've typed.
  13. nominal role - job

    nominal roll - list of names
  14. Oh I see. I hadn't seen the typo, hence it went straight over my swede.
  15. Thanks for your constructive addition, this coming from a person whose screen name is synonymous with holding cocks! Stick to what you know, this isn't the NAAFI, so take your crayons back to your nice padded cell. ¡Coño Grandé!