Have I killed Doriss desktop ?

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by wheelchairwarrier, Apr 4, 2010.

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  1. I decided to have a spring cleaning session and clean the dust/spiders webs and other crud out of the PC's My own PC Ok, but the wifes Dell full of debris and we gave it a good blast of tinned wind, so much so frost appeared on the motherboard, put the covers back on and went to power up. The case and cpu fans run, stangely the power light on the front is no longer blue but yellow and thats it no booting activity. Its 4 years old and personaly Im not to worried ,but my teenage partner in crime is distressed that Aunty will be cross when she finds out , I said I will take the blame.
    Any thoughts ? or is it time for a new one / "honest luv it was like that when I turned it on " ??


  2. Sounds like the condensation has killed it? I Googled this article from Dell.
  3. Oh dear you`d have been better off using a vacuum cleaner carefully. Splashing fluid on a electical device rarely results in anything but fun followed by fu(ked. Take the cover off, let it dry out totally unpowered and then give it another bash in a day or two.
  4. If it's anything to do with the compressed air, it's more likely that the sudden temperature change has popped a dodgy connection but I'd still doubt it. As regards the wetness aspect, I suspect that you switched the power off before spraying anything and the moisture would have evaporated before you powered back on, so that's also unlikely.

    Is there a chance that you've disturbed one of the connectors? Open the computer up and push all the connectors fully home.

    Also shift the guilt onto your nephew. He may bawl for a while, but your missus will comfort him. It's nothing compared to the grief you'll get if your wife thinks it's your fault.
  5. Deny all knowledge of touching it, in fact take it to the computer shop, buy her a new much better one and get the bloke to transfer all the files etc to the new machine, there you go love nice surprise present etc.
  6. Concur.
  7. Just make sure you take all the home made porn off it. :D
  8. May I suggest that you swap your teenage nerd for one of these.......

  9. Damm should have checked to see if she had any on there :)

    LVH just where did you get the pic's of my niece :D :D :D

    I think will leave it in a warn dry place for a day or so , if that fails then I will have to do the manly thing replace it and shift the blame.
  10. Mmm, my ex missus did that to a keyboard once and half the keys ended up in the bag - loads of fun. 8O
  11. I've blasted compressed air on many computers in my past life and never has it caused a computer's untimely death. I don't mean to say it isn't possible. Sounds like a problem during the power-on-self-test. Check your wirings as someone suggested. Re-start computer with just your basic peripherals. See how that works. Good luck.
  12. Being a Dell and of that age I'd take the hood off and check the capacitors. They have a tendency to pop.

    You're looking for bulged or leaking tops.
  13. msr

    msr LE

    If it ain't broke, don't fix it ;)

  14. Sneaky bird trick for you.....

    stretch the foot of a pair of the missus tights (or stockings) over the end of the vacuum tube, stops small bits going up but allows dust through.....simples!!

    Also jolly handy for those 'oh my fecking god, nobody move I've lost a contact' moments!!!
  15. Excellent advice. You should pass that one onto the crabs.