Have I just watched a future Tory PM

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by easymoney, Oct 4, 2006.

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  1. Just watched Camerons speach,and I have to say he came across quite well.A lot of what he said will appeal to the majority of voters,whatever their preferred colour.Had a lot to say about the service's and how his Government would support them.I have voted Labour the last three elections,but its not like supporting a football team,loyalty and all that,its voting for whats right for the country and yourselve's.

    I do believe he will give Labour a tough time and will probably walk into No10 as PM after the next election.
  2. And I will give birth to a hippopotamus.............
  3. He has as good an opportunity as he's likely to get with Bliar on his way and that dour Scottish fuckwit lined up to take his place as Camerons opponent!
  4. Which dour Scottish fuckwit - Brown or Reid? :wink:
  5. Unsurprisingly, I heard very little I liked. More to the point, I saw many in the hall not clapping various parts of the speech.

    Going from the toings and froings on the fringes of this weeks conference, I'll bet that there will be another leadership within 18 months
  6. You mean the one who thought the lads would get out from Helmand without firing a shot or the cnut who thought no-one would notice him stealing all their money?
  7. Im a member of the Conservative party, the answer to your question from me is NO!
  8. He may make a New Labour PM.
  9. well what you do in your time is up to you but i for one have to say I was pleasantly surprised...but maybe it's just my young mind being coddled by clever political spin...he did seem to be willing to make unpopular decisions and to sort some things out...although he makes it sound easy "sorting the nhs out"! by the time i can vote i think it'll be him and his party that I vote for.
  10. Personally I hope so I think he talks sense (well as much as a politician can) but I do think if he can't convert the opportunity he has at the moment he should go after the next general election.
  11. Ah, but Wedgy, who then? There don't seem to be many concensus candidates around at the moment.
  12. The short route to another term for neu arbeit would be another tory leadership battle. I don't know if the tories are going to lose the next general election, but they always seem to lose their leadership elections!

  13. I could hear the bongs go off each time he hit a major topic.

    Clearly PM material, but there's still that horribly faint whiff of blue rinse arrogance lingering in the young buffer.

    And that horribly polite applause right on cue.

    Mainly old tory policies regurgitated to a nation needing some rigour.

    His stance on immigration won the biggest bong I thought?
  14. Ha, maybe when he grows a fecking spine. C0ck/treemuncher of the highest order. Bliar clone et al.

    I will one day enter the world of politics and rightly slap the pinko knobbers.
  15. I seem to remember seeing him on Newsnight in the run up to the party members voting for the new party leader, talking about how he wanted to bring in some form of national service for school leavers.

    I've never heard of it again, did he happen to mention it?