Have i got this right?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Benji-son, Apr 25, 2006.

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  1. Am i right in thinking that press-ups and sit-ups are no longer tested at RSC :?:
  2. Yes. The PTI I spoke to at RSC in March said they are trying to get them put back in, so at the moment no.
  3. I came back from ADSC Lichfield yesturday and we wernt tested on pressups/situps. The only pressups everyone had to do was in your pants in front of the doctor!
    If you need any info on RSC or ADSC as its called now just give us a shout
  4. Lmao! Yeah forgot about those press-ups lol. Very dignified.
  5. Ah, i thought it was done on points split up into three - press ups, sit ups and 1.5 mile run.... 300pts in total :? (physical part)
    And there's me working my arrse off trying to get max press-ups for ADSC... :)

    Naked press-ups infront of the doctor sounds fun though :lol: not so fun if the doctor's a she and wearing a low cut top.... ouch :p
  6. Ha yeah, am pretty sure its not allowed to be a woman if your a fella and vice-versa, thou I may be wrong - nothing to worry bout anyway. I would still practise press ups as it will surely make you stronger for the static lift etc where you do get a score that the PSO has infront of him for the final interview.
    also you may get a quick date to start basic therefore I think you get tested in the first week to see if you are fit enough to start, if not they will just keep you back.
    its all explained at RSC anyway
    the points system I didnt really see, or you are not told. You get graded 1-4 on team tasks and 1-4 on your grenade test (1 being highest) so am sure that there is a final pass/fail mark.