have i got shin splints ??

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Cav_Tank, May 26, 2007.

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  1. just a got one

    i have started running again after doing 2 years naf all on cermonial duties manly due to lack of time

    anyways my shins are in bits im talking pain that after 20 mins of enduring it brings me to a hobble after a further 30mins of walking it off i can run again but only a very steady pace an even then i have to block the pain

    i know i have put a bit of weight on but im not sure its whats make it hurt like hell

    any advice is much welcomed
  2. Sounds very much like shin splints.
    Ice them up and plenty of rest.
    However it may also be down to dodgy footwear/running technique.
    Do you overpronate/suppinate?
    Also make sure you are stretching and warming up properly.
    It may also be worth doing some exercise to build up the muscles in your knees. Sounds daft I know, but if you have a muscle imbalance in your knees (one side of the knee the are muscles bigger than t'other) this can cause problems in your shin area when running.
  3. sounds like shin splints...loads of info on the net. I have had it as well. Comes from doing too much too soon. Also, im 90kg so my ankles and legs take a pounding.

    You might want to think about using the converse rower for a while instead.
  4. Cav, how old are you would be the first question I would ask. I am no medic but shin splints tend affect younger soldiers as thier legs are still developing, I suffered with it terribly in training to point of being on crutches- I was only 7 and half stone p1ss wet through when i joined. I would suggest that if it is diagnosed - ultrasound was the way I was treated with a good old dose of broufen - if thats how you spell it! but it worked, go sick and get it checked out.
  5. Correct, shin splints only tends to be most common with younger men, most common with older guys is tibialis anterior syndrome. An over-use injury that can be accelerated by old trainers with no support left in them. Best off getting it seen to sooner rather than later, and try to stick to non-weight bearing exercise in the mean time. Hope it helps out a bit fella.
  6. cheers guys will see the medic when i get back to windsor and to answer the age question im 20
  7. Hey guys, I have the same problem. I'm 17, and training to join the Army as an officer. After a few weeks off from running due to a slight knee problem, I went back out. After two days of running 3 miles no problem, on day 3, I got to about mile 1, and the pain started, about middle of my shin, on the right side of my left shin. Got to mile 2 and it was unbearable. Had to sit down and do nothing for a few minutes and then hobble home. After an hour, the pain was still quite noticeable.

    Im 6' 4", weigh in at 14st 5lb. I dont think its a problem with my running shoes, because they are fairly high end Asics with Gel and Duomax, and I have put Sorbothane insoles in them, so theres quite a lot of cushioning and support. However, I do pronate quite a lot. The gym physio reckons that I pronate so much that it may take 50-75 miles of life off my trainers, so I reckon that I will need a new pair around the end of August.

    Any ideas?