Have I "got a gay"?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by arby, Jan 31, 2008.

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  1. No! They are evil and God shall smite them with a mighty smiting!

  1. Recently whilst out with current Arbyette, I got chatting to a bloke, same age, works in same industry, that was a "friend of a friend". Seemed like a top bloke, insisted on drinking wine but then there's nothing wrong with that in this day and age. He suggested that I come round to his the next night as he was having a dinner party. (It was at this point an initial alarm went off). Dutifly we attended the next night and his gaff was immaculate, all white and glass and that shiite. No collection of beermats, no screwfix catalogues in the lav. His cd collection included Sade's Greatest hits (he's 23 and I didnt know they had any greatest hits). It gets worse. He cooks (and I dont mean he empties a can of beans onto toast and chucks a couple of microwavable sausages on the plate. The final nail is his car. Its...a...nissan micra. (denim blue, aparently)

    question is, have I got a gay? Also, will I be labelled as a gay by proxy for associating with this bloke? Is it ok if he's not the floaty-squeeling-hairdresser type?
  2. you will be a fag hag(faggot hanger on)
  3. Has he played any bronski beat,communards, marc almond, if so, check your drink and your arse, espically if you fall asleep at his place....

    Does he talk about women, in ladish manner - or does the subject never arrive - just ask him striaght, are you a bratty banger????
  4. Have you ever thought that he might just be a heterosexual steely eyed dealer in death that is so secure in his masculinty that being houseproud and able to cook and discuss wines whilst listening to his own indivdual taste in music is not something he worries about?

    On the other hand of course he is probably a raving shirtlifter and if you associate with him whilst alone then you are doomed.
  5. Just be careful not to catch the 'gay' disease off him Arby. Spray all surfaces with disenfectant and continuosly wear your S10 around him, he may think you're into kinky sh*t but better than being a hermer!
  6. I say fcuk him first ask questions later.
  7. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    arby is a poofter, arby is a poofter.
  8. Answer..1.Yes

    BTW, Sade is a she not a they, and is great shaggin` music...for us not them!
  9. Arby, Arby, Arby!

    Oh dear, what has befallen you this time? Look mate, we live in a different age now where men can act in a way other than that of the traditional alpha male. I myself keep a tidy place, have Sade in my cd collection, drink wine, can discuss soft furnishings and cater for dinner parties. I even tidy away screwfix catalogues and keep my shed cobweb free.

    Mind you, I do drive a fcuk off 4 litre straight six Jaguar XJS ... so the Micra alone makes him Wonder P00f.

    So ...you most certainly have found a gay and you will not be labelled as a gay by proxy if you go no further than fisting.


    Quentin ... Errrrr I mean K13 :oops:
  10. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Arby and his boyfriend
    Sitting in a tree
    K I S S I

    Fcuk it, you know the rest.
  11. Arby,

    As someone suggested, it may be that he is so secure in his sexuality that it has made you question yours, and the gay you may have found might actually be you.

    Be careful how you proceed as he might not appreciate the advances of a closeted bender such as yourself.
  12. My bold........ you must be Noel Coward then
  13. it might be the other way round.
  14. Bollocks you do! They've got more than one pedal. And Jaguar don't make Shopmobility panzers.
  15. its a shame because he is actually a top bloke (can a gay be a "bloke"?) although he does use txt spk n his msgs. Also there has been no confirmation of afor mentioned arrse tomfoolery. could he be one of those metrosexuals?