Have I been successful?

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by arnold_rimmer, Aug 12, 2011.

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  1. Hi guys,

    After accepting that my original question was badly posed, I'll try to distill the essence of my argument a bit better.

    Do you think that you can predict, with a relative degree of certainty, what sort of tour a Inf Bn Coy unit will have before they even go? I say that no matter what AO you go to, it's your Coy Comd's mindset that will either get you into 20 TICs or 200.

    Hence, the original question: What does an Inf Bn Coy Comd consider success?
  2. If nobody under your command sees the above post you walloper!!!
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  3. You will still be alive.
  4. Cheers Noodle - it's not so much a literal question as an open-ended one ... what do you think my measures of success should be?
  5. "Good" tour? If everyone in the Bn comes back in one piece - end of.... With judgement like yours, my thoughts and prayers are with the lads, poor buggers.
  6. Getting all of your troops home in one piece because the government are already planning our defeat (Sorry withdrawal) so clearly have no real goals that need achieving over there.
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  7. Cheers Kingo - Safety of my blokes is first and foremost but by your logic I should just sit them in a PB and have them rotating stags for 6 months. We'll all come back in one piece but is that success?
  8. Cheers Jibber-man - so no battle honours for the Bn then on your watch?
  9. Second day in theatre, begin drafting your mid-tour report: that MBE is'nt going to award itself, you know.
  10. Look mate, you ain't Lord Roberts of Kandahar: you'll have very little say in whether you spend your time rotating stags or wandering about in the hot sun, knackering everybody out for nowt.

    If you want my advice (which is pretty worthless) keep the lads safe and bring them home, hopefully not via Wootten Bassett or whatever the BZZ wanky equivalent is. It's not a very Romantic war. When you get out there, why don't you build a school or something? Or put a rag on your head and stroll across the roof of a train, admiring yourself?
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  11. Apologies for any antagonism caused - please see my edited thread-starter for ten. You are absolutely right in what you say above.
  12. You're only making it worse for yourself......
  13. Andy_S

    Andy_S LE Book Reviewer

    I'd suggest you pose this question to your chain of command at the outset: Presumably, there will be operational-level aims. (If not, they what is the point of deploying?)

    Once you know what the aims are, and you get out there, you can then start ticking boxes (or not). That will give you some idea of a success or otherwise.

    Frankly, I'd respectfully suggest that if your top priority is to keep your men safe, you (and probably they) might be better off at home.

    Risk is intrinsic to military operations. So is mission focus.
  14. Which paper do you work for?
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  15. Why would you come on here spouting that you are a Coy Comd, and then in your edit come clean?

    So what/who are you?

    My thoughts on a successful tour are (yes I have been there):

    1. As stated bring everyone home safely
    2. Ensure everyone has adequate/qualified training before deploying, to ensure readiness.[FONT=&quot][/FONT]
    3. Maintain high levels of morale (mail, R+R etc).
    4. Ensure all troops have full support during and post tour (TRIM)
    5. Smooth transition back to normal routine post tour.