Have I been lacking in my duty of care?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by canteen_cowboy, Apr 25, 2005.

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  1. bunch of un-funny posters

  2. Don't know

  3. delete/edit all the boring ones

  4. leave it as it is

  1. Has the naafi turned in to the knitting circle?
  2. Its getting there CC. Do your stuff.
  3. what about creating a scene and having another amusing verbal scrap
  4. ohhh ,
    have you seen that new argille pattern in the thrift shop? its to die for......

    erm, did I really type that?
  5. People are bored.

    Since LNV died, and BB has been largely quiescent, you don't have a Psycho Hosebeast Wicked Witch to keep people occupied. The likes of Osnaduckling and Cherrypink are but a poor substitute.

    Should you feel in need of a rest, please feel free to leave me your Log-in, and I will keep an eye on things while you are away.... :D
  6. Not your fault CC

    Place has been overrun again by witless tubes and dullards.

    I know I keep ranting on and come accross as a crusty old dinosaur, but I don't fcuking care.

    Too many belly laughs have been had to let it go to the sproggy cnuts...... I had to read through pages of utter bildge and cack today just to get to something worth reading.

    Why not just think before pressing the submit key?

    Ask simple questions

    1, Is it funny?
    2, Will it offend (not a bad thing unless by being incredibly dull)
    3, Is anyone interested, will anyone benefit from reading it?
    4, Am I dull cnut trying to up my post counter
    5, Am I that far up my own arse that I actually believe the bollocks and dullness I post

    Sometimes when I read the NAAFI I despair and am embarrased that a visitor or passer by might think the forces are a bunch of lilt and crisp scoffing nobbers.

    Come on fellas get a grip

    If you want to know what I'm talking about click the usernames like Convoy_cock, shortfuse, Aunty Stella, Biscuits, Cait, RTFQ, chickenpunk, blackhand and a few others..............

    If the NAAFI has become a place for the likes of Mooch or some of the tools that have joined of late, maybe its time I just stopped whinging and trashed the gaff :D

    Call me grumpy, call me a dinosaur...... Not bothered just stop fcuking up a belting source of amusement.
  7. The warning on the door says 'DO NOT ENTER IF EASILY OFFENDED'

  8. what about making a worthwhile contribution?
  9. or maybe should read-
    dont enter if you have had a humour lobotomy and therefore are a complete tube and children are ginger and smell of bumcheese
  10. Instead of my tubeish comment- i have a nice piccy for you all

    Attached Files:

  11. ok, if you want to send pm type messages on thread they will be deleted..no more warnings. :evil:
  12. You are just one of the pricks I'm referrign to.

    I thought you were mildly amusing when you joined, now youve turned into a witless lavatory with his trigger finger on the 'submit' key, no matter how dull the post you still press send
  13. Could have a point, CC. This place is starting to get uncomfortably like "Jetblast" on Pprune....
  14. RIGHT -
    Thats fckucking it...
    i am gonna throw a benny.

    I'm fed up with you bloody dinosaurs thinking you bloody own this site-
    maybe you should wonder why you have to pick on other people when your stupid little life is such a joke that you have to insert everything mildly funny on here.
    I'm talking about poppy- the imbecile mooch of all people (even though he is a tube of the first order) and others that seem to warrant a grilling from all of the old bastards.

    I totally agree that the humour has gone stale on here- i have seen funnier hangings than some of the detritus that gets put on hee- YES i am guilty of some of the dross- for that i apologise.

    anyway- enough of this crap-
    i love you

    all of Your mums
  15. The Poppy thread with over 12000 views and 30 odd pages of posts?

    Like I said............... prick