Have I been hacked?

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Grey_Mafia65, May 18, 2012.

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  1. I had reason to go into the "trash" of my email account just now and noticed several emails whose titles I couldn't remember deleting. They were of the spam variety but deleted spam doesn't normally go into my trash so that puzzled me. Then I realised they were all apparently from my own account!

    I opened one of the emails to see who they'd been sent to, apart from my own address, none of the other addresses were any of my contacts.

    I'm assuming my account has been hacked, but what puzzles me is how these emails have magically appeared in my trash folder when I haven't put them there? Is that just good working practice by the folks at Yahoo?
  2. Normally for me anyway, the only thing that goes into trash is what I delete from my inbox, nothing else!
  3. This happened to my mate's wife.Change your password.
  4. Exactly, which is why I was finding it so puzzling!
  5. stop surfing ladyboys on mopeds and downloading the piccies
  6. Ideed, change your password, chat to your mail provider and see if you can get the log of your logons.
  7. Sorry are you lost?

    NAAFI, just down the main drag on the right hand side!
  8. Oooooooooooooooohhh!

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  9. GM, as advised above, change your email account password but not until you have done a complete debug of your computer. Others who are better qualified than me with computers will give more specific advice but for now:

    1. Do an online for nasties scan using Kaspersky or similar: Free antivirus scan
    2. If you aren't using it, consider using Microsoft Security Essentials: Microsoft Security Essentials - Free Antivirus for Windows as your main virus defence (its free)
    3. Make sure that you have your virus software running when you are online and it's up to date.
    4.Make sure your firewall is switched on and is updated.
    5. Check security settings in IE, firefox, google chrome or whatever you are using.

    Once you have a clean machine, run CCleaner (free) to get rid of stray file bits and defunct links: CCleaner - Download
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  10. Eod. My eset security blocks the down load of ccleaner.
  11. As Matt said, not much point changing password til you've cleaned your computer out. Any nasties left on the computer may well just be logging what you do and submitting the details to somebody else anyway, so any password change will just become apparent at their end and it will continue.

    As has been said just be more careful what you do with it. The likelihood is you haven't been 'hacked'. Hacking is quite a complex process and is usually done for purposes of financial gain, access to restricted material, or just for fun by nerdy students and doleys; people who get on your e-mails and send soam have usually 'phished' you. 'Phishing' is obtaining somebody's password by deception and then logging in to their account. Essentially the difference, is hacking is like picking the lock on somebody's door and breaking in, whilst phishing is like getting their key and opening the door with it.

    Adding suffixes to your password is usually sufficient, the majority of phising is done by 'bots' so as long as your email and password aren't a direct match the bot will just move on to somebody else's email.
  12. Mine doesn't. Are you downloading it from the site that EOD suggested?
  13. I use AVG, set to run weekly scans, the last scan on the 13th found nothing. Running another one now, just in case.
  14. oldbaldy

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    Get the free version of Malwarebytes:

    It will find any nasties lurking that the other programmes don't spot.
  15. yep.