Have fun with this one (mong fetishists dream)

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vampireuk, Oct 26, 2009.

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  1. Thank goodness this is in the NAAFI. I know who my money is on for the next olympic marathon. Run Forrest, run.
  2. quick chuck her in the bath with the washing
  3. Seriously? That is very strange.
  4. Why do you heartless people mock the afflicted?

    Good spot though.
  5. I'd smash one up her.......

    .....if I thought that I'd be able to stop laughing for one second.
  6. On a running machine :twisted:
  7. According to the report she can only go backwards. Her husband said “Fucking brilliant, these day’s I just get a hand full of KY Gel and stand behind her with mi cock out.”
  8. Awesome body popping and robot moves, she should go on Britains got talent
  9. That's brilliant, just needs some Micheal Jackson tunage in the background!
  10. ... and then she went down with swine flu ... :shaking2:
  11. Date checked.
    Is this for real?
  12. I think she looks rather "gangster"
    Fo' shizzle
  13. I love this comment on YouTube

    tanjisana (4 hours ago)

    Every time I see 1:10, I just imagine an announcer with a low voice going
    "BREAK IT DOWN" and she starts breakdancing.

    She makes Eminen look cool