Have CND and the Greenham Common Wimmin ever apologised?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BuggerAll, Dec 31, 2011.

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  1. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I was reminded of these unpleasant bastards by a program I saw yesterday about the (then) female sprog in Chitty Chitty bang bang who went onto become a Greenham Freak.

    Issues of personal hygene aside, CND and the likes of the Greenham Common Wimmin's freakshow spent years propping up the Soviet Union and helping to keep the Iron Curtain in place. Have they ever apologies for cruel this act?

    It's impossible to quantify how much human misery these creatures are responsible for but I'd venture to suggest a fair bit.
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  2. I enjoyed guarding at Greenham Common, PX, bar, rides in cop car,showing arrse at flag time, throwing coal at women, it was a nice break from Salisbury plain.
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  3. No need. The publicity they generated increased the deterrence effect of GLCM....
  4. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Given that they failed to keep Cruise out of Greenham Common, nor unilaterally disarmed Britain of Nuclear Weapons, I'd propose that they didn't have any impact on the Cold War either way let alone prop up the Soviet Bloc/Iron Curtain.

    Incidentally, I was there about ten years ago when it had become a business park (at least the part where I was) and a lone protest woman was still there in her caravan. I don't know what she was protesting about at that stage, but I guess it must have been some kind of Brian Haw syndrome.
  5. They are too busy supporting Palestinians blowing up kids and Gyppos rights to trespass and steal from normal humans these days
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  6. Welsh weren't they?
  7. My mother made several trips to Greenham Common as a protestor. Never really understood the logic to it, not convinced she did either.
    She is immensly proud of it though.
  8. Somehow, I doubt the fall of the Soviet Union was caused by a few smelly lesbians starting to doubt their anti-nuclear convictions. Over-egging the pudding a touch, don't you think?
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  9. If you seriously believe this, you really need to pay more attention.

  10. Call her a 'kipper' that should bring back some memories for her !
  11. Hairy lesbians disgust me.
  12. Didn't they throw piss over squaddies? If so I wonder how many deviants volunteered to stag on there?
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  13. You're looking at this from the wrong angle mate. In doing so, they also helped keep me in LOA and tax free tabs for ******* years.
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  14. Heard one of the "wimmin" describe their cunning plan. In the event of war, they'd all lie down in front of the gates to stop the missile transporters leaving for their dispersal sites. The response from the USAF was "We'll simply drive over the top of them"

    The wimmins' hearts were in the right place, although after a close encounter with one of these, their hearts, lungs and everything else would certainly have been in the wrong place:-

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  15. Come on own up, who was that nasty man who cemented up their standpipe??

    Apart from having to be deloused after contact with these creatures, they did put on some entertaining lezzy shows for the troops.