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Have any of you worked in Uruzgan Province?

into de_void

I've had an invite for a job interview for a NGO based in Uruzgan Province. I've read plenty of Afghan Govt spiel on the development plan for the province but wondered if any of you have personal experience of it.

I'm especially interested in your perspective on Tribal affiliations/rivalry, attitude toward central Govt & NGOs etc...but mainly I'm interested in whether the Yanks have laid down a secure environment for development or whether I'd be going in there 3yrs too early and end up on CNN with a chuffing big knife at my throat!



Book Reviewer
Yanks my Arrse... Get in contact with the Dutch. They are the ones who have been there for years, the USA only took over relatively recently. Oh, and the Aussies of course as well - both have done a lot of construction (rather than reconstruction) work there, setting up training schools, building institutions, etc.. There were (I was last there around 2 years ago) plenty of Dutch and other Euro NGOs there., The Province is wracked by tribal disputes, one valley may be safe and peaceful, go over a mountain and it's a different matter. Quite normal for that neck of the woods, though. THere are plenty of good websites with info on this - but honestly, check out what the Cloggies were doing there. They spent an awful lot of blood and treasure in Uruzgan.

into de_void

Cheers Old Snowy, I spent last night looking at Dutch reports (thankfully they do English versions as my Porn level in Dutch just didn't cut it), there were some interesting views on how the populace have accepted aid but as with all these reports there is so much 'Spin' that even Tony Blair would blush.

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