Have any of you ever bein Fat but then..?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Britisharmy187, Jun 1, 2009.

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  1. Have any of you ever bein Fat in your life.. but managed to get more fit and pass selection?
    im just wondering if most Soldiers were fit before they joined the army their entire lifes or if some of them was slightly out of shape but managed to get fit and pass ADSC Selection and Join the british army?

    If so, tell me how you did it?
    Thanks for your time
    Future British Army recruit (Hopefully) :)
  2. Exactly how fat are you? A bit Barry Bethal or It's a knockout American fat
  3. There's a lad in my Coy who used to be obese but now he's pretty skinny. So yeah, it can be done!

    T C
  4. Im 12/14 Stone and have quite a bit of flab on my belly and some Man boobs :p:p:p Lol but im definatly not american 'knockout' Fat mate :D
  5. Join the RLC mate, its a requirement that you are Class 8 (Rick Waller) fatness
  6. How tall are you, what are you doing to shed the flab, how fast can you do 1 and a half miles in, c'mon give us a clue as to your Height,Weight (Exactly) and general level of fitness and you might get some sensible answers, otherwise you will be ridiculed until you end up crying into the empty Ginsters Cornish Pastie wrappers in your bedclothes.
  7. I used to be pretty fat when I was younger (12, 13 or so), but I just started running more, eating better (no more McDonalds, coke, chips, crisps) and I drank exclusively water and milk. The weight fell off me, and when I turned 16 I had about as much fat as Bruce Lee.

    Move more + eat less rubbish = weigh less
    Weigh less = not being a silly fatty who blames all his problems on everyone else. :p

    *note, I have not even attempted selection yet. My advice is purely based on being a former McDonalds dwelling porker who used to eat chips like they were going out of fashion.
  8. How tall are you?

    Also; are you active, can you run for more than 30 mins without blowing out your arse, healthy diet - not too much ale, etc, etc.
  9. Im about 6FT but im prob 6 ft 3 or 4 lol i havent got any definiate answers the last time i weighed My self i was 14 stone.. (but surely that weighing mashine must be wrong lol)

    My best time on the 1.5 mile is 12 mins
    i did it today and got 9:57 but i stopped the stopwatch evrytime i needed a rest then carryied on with the time..
    I think my average might be 13 mins for the 1.5 not sure..
    and my general level of fitness is bad but its decent i do physical exersize once a week on a friday with the college which includes circuit training/1.5 mile run
    im planning on joining the gym 4 next year while at college
    but im also in a dilema weather i should take the army fe bursary? and risk not passing ADSC? or would i make it im not 2 sure..

    i can do 60 sit ups in 2 mins
    press ups i really struggle with..i can prob do about 10 then i have to stop..
  10. I was a pie munching fat lad before joining up, did a lot of phys before selection and got in to even better shape during basic.

    Then left and got fat again :(
  11. Yeah i was about 3 years ago!
    im only 5'6" and i quit smoking and piled on the weight to 13 stone i looked like a balloon!!
    but i gave myself a massive kick *********** and went to the gym everyday for 6 months, quit drinking and ate really healthily. 6 months later i was 10 stone 7 pounds which i am still pretty much the same now!
    so glad i did it looking back now, however i still have all this excess skin on my gut!! lol!!
  13. Problem with that is, a lot of people when they give up smoking tend to put on a lot of weight in the short term
  14. What tipe of healthy food did you start eating??

    and excess skin :( man i hate bein fat(well a tiny bit) lol ive had my belly for most of my life
  15. I increased the amount of noodles, rice, pasta, lean meats, fish and water I ate and decreased the fats. I'm not a dietician, so I won't claim to be an expert on eating healthily. Those foods helped me though.