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I was wondering if anyone has invented a product or an idea and followed it through to completion? are there any decent companies who will take your invention and honestly take it through to the production stage?

There is this one who ask for an initial fee:


They seem genuine enough, just the Fee bit that I am not happy about, if anyone knows of a decent company and preferably free and safe to pass any invention/idea on to can you post here.

Get it Patented first, before you go near anyone, the only thing is the cost of doing this it was about £3,000 a few years ago, not sure of now, but you must get a patent search done if you intend to do anything with your idea. A number of these companys are no more than a ripoff. we did one some years ago, but it was a modifercation to an existing product and we were able to sell it to the manufacturer, but only after a patent and getting legal advice. be carefull and good luck
Tropper's right, Gundulph. I've no idea if yon company's any good or not, but I personally wouldn't trust anybody over the net for something like this. My advice would be to get in touch with a patents lawyer and take it from there. Getting a patent is a pain in the arrse in itself, since it involves individual patents for each country/continent as you go along.

And then there's the problem with Japan. The Japs will let a patent application sit on ice for six years or more, and all this time it's openly accessible by anybody in Japan. So when your patent application finally goes through, your product's been on the market there, in a slightly altered version, for yonks.

Trevor Bayliss has the cheapest option. Patents are a nightmare. Read up and you can do an intial patent application yourself. The Patent Office has booklets. There's a skill involved in describing the "inventive step", and in putting in a whole series of claims so that if one doesn't stand others do. Be clear about the difference between registered design, copyright and patent. To be honest, in lots of areas being first to market and dominating is more important than the patent. Patent means disclosure, which means others can work around your patent to do the same thing differently. There is f*ck all intellectual property protection, the Chinese nick everything, there's no official help to defend intellectual property....

File a "stealth patent" intial application, take loads of pictures, tell nobody, and if a big company replicates it turn up with your hand outstretched for a slice of cheese :)

Save yourself the energy and money to get your idea patented. We (colleague and I) have initiated and developed several new ideas into a business and sofar nobody has copied us or nicked our ideas. I agree with gobbyidiot on this, being the first gives you often the headstart you need and if you can garantuee quality people will stick by your product.

Even if you've patented your invention/idea people can work around it. Also (and people often overlook this); having it patented could shun potential partners and investors away from the product altogether because a patent could hamper development. I don't know which market segment you're in, but it's very possible to start with an idea and follow it through to the endproduct. Feel free to PM me if you want a more detailed account.

I work there and, going down to the bar at night, you get a log of gratuitous advice, but the most important is - and what the EPO will tell you - is sell it first.
It is a fantastically complex process and there seem to be three (coming up to 4) main Patent authorities: European, USA, Japan and the fourth is China.
Anyway, go to the website and have a look
And best of luck
Gundulph, another lot you could have an initial chat with is motiontouch.com - based at Dunsfold, the old BAe Harrier assembly site and where Top Gear is largely filmed.

Nice guys and want to help, will also help put things to market. They have some interesting thoughts on Mr Bayliss but so will any competitor.

Two sets of costs (neither which I have followed through on as yet) they gave me over last two years have been

1. Best methods for manufacture
2. Manufacture costs
3. Certifications required
4. Project plan.
Charge: £3000 + VAT.

As some of the chaps have said Patents are very expensive to cover the world and someone will find a way to nick the idea - best idea is get it to market quick and sell volume, but for that you need to have good distribution, so perhaps a licencing deal may be best way forward.

-Concept drawings stage
-Patent search stage
-Competitive product search stage
The cost for this service will be £500 to £800 +VAT.

Hope that helps.


Many thanks for all the above, I am looking for a one stop shop, you give them your idea and they take it from the concept if it is a good one, through to the final design, marketing etc.

I came up with the all in one paint stripper when I was 13 after having been set to work stripping all the paint from the doors etc. with a burner in one hand and a scraper in the other, so thought why not combine the two, I found a link to some Inventing Marketing Company in a newspaper, wrote off and received a load of bumpf back, graph paper and piles of paperwork to fill in as well as having to make a prototype, needless to say I didn't go ahead with it being 13 and not great in the prototype building side of life!

4 - 6 months later that year Black & Decker brought out the first all in one paint stripper! a bit of a coincidence considering the planet has been here for 2 or 3 Billion years and within 4 months of me thinking about, a company brought it out!

The inventing company no doubt had a right to go ahead and patent it and sell it themselves so I was thinking there must be a company in the know with everything in place for people with inventions and ideas who have little or no knowledge of the whole process.
MittMayo said:
Just think though, you could have been a Stripper Magnet but you wouldn't have been a Sapper!!!
That's true MittMayo! and if I had the chance to go back and change anything, I wouldn't change a thing mate! Gods Corps, Once a Sapper Always a Sapper and all that, is too true! I should thank that company by sending them a pint of Engineer and include the pickled egg in the bottom for authenticity... :wink:
Years ago I was in a nightclub in Glasgow (okay, Clatties, so not really a nightclub :lol: ), and I got talking to the (I think niece) of the bloke who invented the Scottoiler for motorbikes - every time you use the bike it puts a few drops on the chain. Pretty simple, he'd made a mint.

I did the Pat Pending thing for a bit of exercise kit I invented, and spoke to a couple of patent agents. One, seemed pretty genuine, said, "I see a lot of stuff, but that's actually quite clever". Why didn't I go through with it? A shitload of expense upfront, with an absolute guarantee you'll have it stolen by the Bongdong Exercise Corporation.
I think LambertInvent sounds the most promising and they don't charge severely, only if the invention goes all the way then they take a % of Royalties.

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