Have all the balls dropped?

Reads like a novel
but this Times article suggests that the leader of the 7/7 team was available for pick-up well ahead of the event. One to follow to see what, if any, official response there might be. In it's Divine arrogance, the Govt will ignore it is my bet.
See also today's Times at: http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,2-2233401,00.html - No 10 rejects calls for inquiry into bombings as evidence emerges of extremists’ role in global terror network: Note the proposals:
Among the measures suggested by the task force which have yet to be taken up:
• A public inquiry into 7/7 bombings
• Rapid rebuttal unit to combat Islamophobia
• National resource unit for development of curricula in mosques and madrassas, and guidelines for teachers
• Programmes to “upskill” current imams
• Muslim “beacon centres” to help small mosques and cultural centres
• Set up and fund network of Muslim safety forums to promote meaningful partnership between community and police
• Ministerial review of raids, stop and search and armed police activity
• Correct the “alien” image of Islam in the national curriculum
as on another thread here it would seem that the Islamic bombers (dare I suggest terrorists) are not at fault.

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