Have a nut.

Quality street?

Go on. Have a fucking nut.
Ah, random, semi-Christmas based threads. The beer is obviously flowing. I've cracked open my first and watching Betty on the beeb. God bless you, Ma'am. :salut:


Kit Reviewer
I've cracked one off my fist while watching Betty on the beeb.

She might be available soon and I'm getting a gravy sample ready.
What are you on about?
It's obviously some sort of chocolate-induced psychotic episode. I wouldn't worry too much, there's a lot of it about.
I like that nut you get on top of a walnut whip.
Anybody know what type it is?
Ah nuts...anyone try playing Russian Roulette with the old Revels (before they took out the peanut?) Hours of fun that one, especially if one of the players had a nut allergy....

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