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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jongry, Apr 26, 2011.

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  1. Is the whole story bullshit, or just part of it?
  2. This sounds like the sort of tale that a journo would get told in the bar.....
  3. Oi behave! Fearless investigative journalism that is...give the Sun a break.

    (Warning - may contain irony)
  4. From the fairy tale.
    "The incident was confirmed by senior defence forces. But The Sun has been asked not to reveal specific details."
    So there we have it.Proof positive that it is a true story.
  5. Funny how I heard a similiar tale from NI in the mid 80's involving a couple of the IRA's finest scrotes at a set of traffic lights who were trying to obtain a van for a mortar baseplate. Apparently they tried to hijack said van only to be bundled into the back and given the good news by some heavily moustachiod chaps and dumped up by black mountain some hours later. It's all true-----honest!
  6. A particularly liked the part where they were carrying live ammo on an exercise in Liverpool to make it realistic
  7. I see that it is the forces "friend", TN-D's name attached to the story. Enough said.

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