Have a look at this 9 Para Sqn video off youtube.

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by ABF9, Jul 6, 2008.

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  1. Pretty crap really mate.
  2. Recognise a few of the old buggers on there!
  3. They could've done it in chronological order!
  4. Anything with ac/dc can't be all bad. Took them a while to exit the herc though...

  5. ...too busy shouting 'squadron!' no doubt
  6. A tribute to th fighting me of 9 Para sqn RE

    as quoted from the explanation about the video.....dear dear...the brain cell obviously wasn't left with the rear party!!
  7. Why is it almost anything to do with 9 Para Sqn RE is slagged off on the sappers part of this forum?

    I think a lot of blokes on here have a bit of an inferiority complex. 8O

  8. afraid to admit to that also.
  9. Personally,I thought that the video was not too bad! 9 and 59 do get a slagging in some parts of The Corps,but they are good units IMHO!
  10. Anything to promote the Services is great, specially on a Civvie site!!!
  11. Shine on Shiny Nine.
  12. Glad a few blokes on here are not anti 9 Sqn.