Have a Happy Nelson Mandela Day.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by TamH70, Jul 18, 2010.

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  1. Seriously, the United Nations have mandated it that you do. Not bad for a failed terrorist jailbird whose main political achievement was to usher in as South Africa's second black president a man who made George W. Bush look clever.
    Oh I know he gets the credit for the end of apartheid, but frankly, that is a lot of ballocks. That job was done by many more men and women who never advocated murder and torture as political tools. And, funnily enough, lots of those brave men and women were white.

    And I thought Sundays couldn't suck any worse than they already do.

  2. You'll be suggesting that the rainbow nation isn't a harmonious nirvana of peace and love next.
  3. I've been in his house in Sowetto. He's got a fluffy pink toilet seat cover with matching floor mat for when his aim is bad. He's also got one of those cheesy, Spanish lady dolls that covers the spare bog roll sitting on top of the cistern. Terrorist or not, no man whose house is a monument to 70s kitsch is worthy to be a world leader.

    As I said in another post, if you think it's bad now, wait till Nelson finally croaks. It'll make Diana's death look like The Man Who Never Was. I foresee at least a month of national mourning, including the public stoning of anybody wearing a tie that isn't black. A levy on the Council Tax to pay for the erection of gilded statues of the great man in every London Borough. The renaming of a prominent building like Buckingham Palace to Mandela Palace and some sort of refrigerated tomb in South Africa where Nelson's remains can be displayed, Lenin style, for the tourists. Oh - and just about every employee of the BBC will find a reason to fly out there to attend the funeral.
  4. Indeed.
    I also predict than when he does koofer it the BBC will go into such emotional meltdown that the resulting outpouring of grief will give the halon collider a run for it's money and the beeb could well disappear up it's own arse.

    Still - if he does croak it this year I stand to win a few points on the who's gonna die this year thread or whatever it was called) in naafi.

    And...his head looks like a black fruit pastille.
  5. Happy birthday gentle father of the ANC.
    Break out the tyres and get the witchdoctors to randomly select people to necklace!
    The man and all his followers are a pack of fcuking savages.
  6. agreed, i have never understood the bollox surrounding him
  7. Good post A_M

    I believe the kitsch is a legacy of the dumb self-seeking slut Winnie, as she was making & rolling in the hay, whilst Mandela was sojourning on the island.
    To be fair NM is the only African leader, other than Seretse Khama in Botswana, who has emerged in any dignity from the benighted continent.
    His successors, the HIV denying Comrade Bob enabling Mbeke and now the rapist Zuma, are an utter disgrace and have steered a course for the country’s destruction and possible disintegration.
    The gushing Beeb, would be serving Nelson’s memory better by highlighting how different he has been to his fellow African kleptocrat leaders rather than turning a blind eye to their failings and murderous ways.
    As for UK memorials, there was a move to replace Jan Smuts in Parliament Sq with NM, when the last lot were in.
    It should be noted that Smuts foresaw the corrosive and self-defeating nature of apartheid.
  8. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    When I go and visit on hols I go tooled up to the extent that would make a texan blush.
  9. Winnie must be delighted.
  10. I dislike mandela even more than the 2 Army Touts, gerry and martin.
  11. I never got the Mandela thing, I met him when he was given the freedom of Cardiff, and he was just this old black bloke who liked to blow things up in his youth, mind you I don't understand the Pope, St Tony of the Trough,Prezzy of Pies, or Kinnock of cnuts , but thats just me, I think they are all a waste of space

    What exactily did he do?
  12. I had the misfortune to be a BG there for 6 months in 2003. It would appear that his achievements were: Continually won the 'Bone Shirt Friday' competition. Blew some stuff up then took a holiday till it all died down. Returned from said holiday as an advocate for not blowing stuff up. Had some sort of deal with Clark's shoes on his release. Took his eye of the political ball and as a result the follow on political policy has included "AIDS is made up" "Raping children under three will cure AIDS" and my current favourite "I sing about machine guns and I'm in charge". Also lead to white middle class folk thinking that by growing 'dreads' they were somehow helping solve things, despite never actually going.
  13. I am not alone in thinking the guy has been vastly over-praised. Nice indeed.

  14. Methinks he is like St Obama , the usual bunch of white "apologists" just love to canonize any person of colour who hasn't actually been photographed killing people, as "shining examples of fair play & tolerance"! Akin to playing a very biased "RACE CARD", I is good cos I is black, innit! :-(
  15. Whatever next?

    A Happy McGuinness Day or a Happy Adams Day????

    Unfortunately, you could be forgiven for thinking that all the Marxist scum we had lording it over us the last 13 years had gone away. No such luck, the UN and EU are full of them ruling us by proxy