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Have a good 1 & stay safe.

And for all of you lonely wankers out there all on your jacksie here's a chick that would love to hear from you.

Hello dear
My Name is Lucy i went to your profile today at /tanktransporter.ning.com and i love it i think we can from there click through my email address thus;(lucydavid45@hotmail.com)
i am waiting for your lovely reply soonest because i need your communication so we can share blessing and understanding life which some have never test and understand so try to send an email to me so i can give you my picture so you can see who i am and i will tell you all of my detail ok
i am looking for your reply soon
i am the one want to be your Friend
have a wonderful day
i am waiting for your lovely reply through my email address (lucydavid45@hotmail.com)
so that i will from there send you my picture so that you will see how i look like ok try to get me back because there is many love in sheering have a wonderful sweet dream and lovely day kisssss.


All the best fellas for 2010 and for all the troops out there in the Middle East and around the world - STAY SAFE and come back home SAFE.
Command_doh said:
Bah humbug, you stinky bunch of perverted fat cnuts :D
"Bah fcuking humbug" is only the start of this over-commercialized bollocks which causes nothing but trouble, Xmas, a time for greed and backbiting, the season of too many cnuts feathering their own nests.

Fcuk 'em all, next year i'm sacrificing a goat on the 22nd!

I heard the dwarfs invented 7-UP ...?

"Mirror, Mirror on the wall
Who's the fairest of them all?
You are Andy, there's no doubt!
Thank you Mirror. Roger. Out."

And a happy Pantomime Season to all!


blue-sophist said:
Blue/GreenJob said:
Fcuk 'em all, next year i'm sacrificing a goat on the 22nd!

You never said you were a Gurkha.

Balls to you all anyway - I'm going to get VERY pissed.
Going to?......
shitfaced already, and not looking forward to the missus opening " exactly what i wanted darling, thanks...mwwahh x x ".
No, no, no. A goat is for Dasheera, not just for Christmas.

Seriously, hope day 25 month 12 is quiet, especially for all our medics. Now, where's that bottle of Benedictine.....

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