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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by SlimeyToad, Feb 5, 2007.

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  1. Anyone see the Panorama programme tonight, hosted by Jeremy Vine, about Have A Go Heroes?

    The most astonishing thing about the whole programme was the brain dead cnut, Tony McNulty, who masquerades as a cabinet minister (Home Officer Minister for Policing, Security and Community Safety) but who obviously has absolutely no fecking grasp of reality whatsoever or, for that matter, what it is he's supposed to be doing.

    I couldn't believe it when he cut JV off with his dismissive manner - "I don't wish to dwell on one particular case". No, of course you don't you mindless, pompous twat, cos you don't have a fecking clue what the case is about, about how one young family's life has been blighted owing to the lies of some doubtless pale, spotty faced chav scum and the ineptitude of the police and CPS, just because he wanted to defend his and his family's right to a bit of peace and quiet from teenage chav scum.

    And McNulty's answer to gangs of yobs misbehaving on the streets - let them know you're there by jumping up and down. Ooh, feck, that'll have them running for cover!!

    It's about time these ministers were forced to live on an inner city estate for a few months - feck, they wouldn't last five minutes outside their ivory towers, away from their trappings and privileges.

    Oops, sorry troops, soap box been polished today and I needed to give it an airing.

    I'll fetch me coat.

  2. The problem is if some little chav cnut is bothering your family you're expected to do f**k all and if you do give the wa*ker a good deserved hiding you get in the sh*t for it. The country is going to the dogs. All the little chav cnuts should be put into dpm and sent to Afghan and Iraq instead of us and see how they handle a real bit of violence. Failing that just line them up against a wall, take one times gpmg and burn a hundred yard link on them.
  3. McNulty is a typical example of the powers that be not having a clue as to the way us ordinary people have to live. They don't give a sh1t about law and order because it doesn't affect them. They don't care about gas and electricity prices rising all the time because they never see the bills. They don't give a fcuk about closed postoffices because they have their own post office in the house and it is all free or should I say paid for by us. MP's and especially ministers haven't got a clue and never will have while we have the current system.

    I would be interested to know how Arrse members would deal with these thugs? No lining them up against a wall and mowing them down even if it does have its attractions. Sensible answers only please.

    What is mine? I would stick them in army glass house type prisons and I am not talking the modern ones but the 1940/50's type.
  4. Wasn't there a Royal who's been dragged in front of the Beak with his old man for "kidapping" a chavvy gobsheite. They were in a chippy when these kids were effing and blinding and tried to smash a window...they nabbed him and held him and the Old Bill tokk them away when the kid complained!! Think it was thrown out of court last week (??)
  5. i,ve got a criminal record for catching a little scumbag breaking into my garage and locking him in my van and driving him to the nearest town police station.the police are more interested in crime figures and arrests than serving us the public,next time i,ll drag the scumbag into my daughters bedroom and do a proper job on the "would be rapist". :frustrated:
  6. I'd make them use Victorian style prisions, they have to pay for food and drink or stave. They also have to clean up their own cells or wollow in sh1t.
  7. I'm pretty sure that if I lived on a sink estate where such teenage hoodlums prospered, I'd form a small team of vigilanties. We'd all provide alibi for each other. Those who came to attention but were ignored by police to have a meeting where they were shown what violence really was. Told quite clearly why they were being singled out for serious beating. Totally wrong, highly illegal, reprehensible but if the forces of Laura Norder cannot do the job, someone else has to do it.
  8. :frustrated: is what the program made me.Scum like this should live in fear.That private army should have been out hurting the little toe rags not just photographing them.
  9. The fcuking police and CPS can be just as bad as the scumbags. What happened to a citizen's arrest (of someone caught in the commission of an arrestable offence) and the then lawful detention of that person until formally handed over to a uniformed police officer. Jibman, it also sounds like your brief needs a fecking good kicking - I bet he made sure he still got his money, whatever the result.

    I look forward to the night when one of the little shits breaks into my house - I just hope I've got enough bin bags in, to get rid of the bits.

    As for the politicians, they should be made to live for a month - that would be enough, if they lasted that long - in a two up, two down, damp filled shit-hole on a scumbag estate. Or even better, lets build nice big houses right next door to their mansions and fill them with toerags.
  10. yep its sucks and i had 100hrs community service for doing what i thought was the right thing.
  11. Hi all

    i saw the prog too, and what a damn disgrace,to even suggest we let them get away with it is mad.

    id do the same,break into my house and you give up your rights(beating time)

    beat the chavs to an inch of thier lives then drag them down the woods (bleeding and batter`d)and tie them onto an ants mound for the night.

    id say worse, but it pretty much goes by the same as bin bag filling.

    we need a local patrolling gang of vigilantes(not kill them but show them what a beating really is)

    i go jogging down the ranges late at night and allways live in hope of meeting a good gang of arsewipes(they would last five minutes in the dark):)

  12. Thats what I dont understand when you hear about these estates that are "no go areas". Surely theres some hard hitting fellas that can go out at night in a group and take the streets back from the chavs.

    They all back each other up with alibi's, go out, grab the chav ringleaders, beat 10 bells of sh1te out of them. The streets would soon be empty of chavs.

    Where my missus lives its like a cul-de-sac and the chavs in the area used to hang about at the end of the cul-de-sac causing a nuisance. All the blokes that that live in the 10 houses in the cul-de-sac all came out together one night and told them to feck off and dont come back. You've never seen so many chavs turn white so fast. They never come around the area anymore, and its supposed to be the "bad" area of the village.

    Doesnt take much to make the gobby little sh1tes back off and do one.

    Edited for fat finger feck ups
  13. We had some chavs haging around outside my house - a camera soon made them feck off - i shouted "Oi" then let rip with my SLR on auto wind.... took about 6 pics, then said "for the coppers!"

    They looked at each other and ran like the clappers, Must have had guilty conscience's

    Doesn't always take violence - it seems being a chav on the whole is just an act.

    They still make me boil with rage though.

  14. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I like the idea of 'vigilante alibis'. Excellent. Whoever finds themselves in need of beating the hell out of a yob, does the job and then phones the 'cleanup crew' who then come and collect you, take you to their house and start a game of monopoly.

    When the law comes to take you to the dungeons, you call your brief and tell them that you were at the 'alibis' house.

    Good drills.
  15. Simple, go back to good old hobnail diplomacy. As a brat if I misbehaved I got a big wooden spoon taken accross my arse to teach me a lesson. If I was caught doing anything wrong by someone who knew my familly, they'd give me a clip round the ear, take me home and then I'd get another clip round the ear by mum or dad for being a scrote on top of that during primary school it was not unheard of to have the head master take a plimsole to the back of your legs if you had been sent to his office for bad behaviour. Not suprisingly I soon learnt that I was not invincible and that there were real and quite often painful implications to bad behaviour.

    These days parents are not allowed to smack children, the police are not allowed to give well deserved clips round the ear and schools are not allowed to instil any form of discipline. The result is children that believe they can do as they please as the worst that can happen is they will be told that they are being naughty (whoopy shit). We have now got a generation who cannot be controlled because the government and the bleeding heart do gooders have been soft. Believe me, if a trainee chav knows that when it is abussive the outcome will be getting ten of the best accross the arse it'd soon learn.