Have a go hero makes thug cry.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by chocolate_frog, May 12, 2009.

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  1. Good to see a bit of vigilantism come out with a (almost) happy ending....

    Basically some chav wannabe gangsta tried to rob a shop with an air pistol. A lad took him down... cue much sobbing from wannabe gangsta, begging for forgiveness and a claim that it was a "misunderstanding".

    Fortunatly for the "gangsta" the Police have a similar policy to attempted burglery as the claims office in Westminister..... and have released the scrote on bail.

    more here
  2. Good drills that man! :D 8)
  3. Good drills indeed. He was fcuking fast grabbing the barrel.

    I don't reckon he'll have to buy his own pint anytime soon.
  4. Should have shot the scrote with his own gat in the "struggle"
  5. So, armed robbery, what you reckon he will get?
  6. Well done to the guy who tackled him. He should go back and smack the coward in the blue short sleeved top, who stood back and watched, moving forward only to close the door on him, whilst he was still struggling with the scrote..
  7. I don't get it, how can he be out on bail? Unbelievable. he threatens people with a gun and the Police bail him. He's a danger to the public and should be detained until trial. The world's gone mad.
    Possession of a weapon with intent to rob, caught bang to rights on the CCTV, he should get 10 years and the guy who tackled him should get a reward for bravery. Balls of steel that man.
  8. H3

    H3 LE

    Look at the grateful spaz closing the door on him ........... next time leave him rob the frigging place !!!!
  9. Good stuff, but I almost choked when I saw he'd been released on bail... And they wonder why these things keep on happening.
  10. Absolutely gutted this filth is out on the street. How the Feck did he get bail? As to the guy who tackled him, agreed he should recieve some award. The guy in the blue shirt wants naming and shaming the spineless get.
  11. Actually,I don't believe anyone with anything to do with the legal process in any capacity wonders why it keeps happening as long as it keeps them in a job,and,of course,it doesn't happen to them personally.
  12. "Tough on crime; tough on the causes of crime". Has any politician ever uttered more meaningless words than the 'spiv' Bliar when he mouthed the above?

    Of course he is out on bail and the odds are the t*rd will commit a further crime during the period of it's bail.

    A mother to be jailed for trying to get her child into a half decent school; filth released for armed robbery. Great country this - for criminal filth!

    PS: I'm waiting to read that the man who detained the dog-mess will be charged by the local Police Farce with something or other - assault; unlawful imprisonment; something racial maybe?
  13. Shows the truth of matters-when ordinary people refuse to be intimidated by scum, then scum have no power...
  14. Good drills that man.

    Pity the youth got bail
  15. Agree completely. Why in feck is the little chav thug out on bail? :x If it had been a real gun that would (should) have been a manadory 5 year sentence!

    And yet....
    Overweight dog lands man in court

    Excellent to see that our criminal justice system has things in proportion :roll: