Haunting Phrases of Doom.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by AIR FILTER, Oct 15, 2011.

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  1. This is not a Fox thread, but lets just hope that the phrases used by Dr.Fox during his last two weeks of hell, namely "My judgement was blurred" and "I'm sorry i did it" do not end up being a legacy of the whole Coalition government if their policy on sweeping cutbacks goes seriously pear shaped.

    Seriously, all i have seen since Cameron & Clegg took over the helm are .....

    1. Rising prices.

    2. Soaring Unemployment.

    3. Rioting on our streets.

    4. Dramatic benefit cut's.(taking effect in 2012)

    5. And a constant promise of a gloomy future for all but the stinking rich in society. :nod:

    Considering that their dramatic cutback policy will not properly start to bite society until next year, i fear that points 1-5 will only be amplified.

    This is not a cue for the Labour party to get exited as they had some serious flaws in their failed milk and honey strategy and let's not forget that in a hurry.

    The fact that no political party can find a solution to this long term nightmare is worrying.

    This is a huge shit sandwich, and we are all going to have to take a bite!

    Just bite the bullet and take it like a bitch or what?
  2. I am afraid so, yes. This was coming whoever got into power after the last lot. And if we still had Brown and his half arrsed policies we would be in even deeper sheeeit by now.

    Just one example: ask yourself where we would be if Brown hadn't sold all our gold reserves at a knock down price?

    I'll tell 'ee - we would have been sitting on a pile of gold that had doubled in price.
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  3. Lies and bollocks!!!!!!!

    Gold has gone up 533% since Brown sold it off.
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  4. ....... and used the money to by euros.

  5. I stand corrected, but you can make your own sandwich. Take a teaspoon of ground glass with it and add more water to whatever rotgut you are currently drinking.
  6. Quite true!

    I guess those phrases of blurred judgement / I'm sorry i did it would apply to his mob too!

    A urgent appointment at specksavers should clear up the blurred vision aspect. :)
  7. Would this be the shit sandwich, lovingly prepared by Labour? :O)

  8. Your choice old son, I don't see much to choose between any of the party's right now, since non of them can work miracles.

    And lets not forget that Joe public have been running up debt like there is no tomorrow as well.
  9. Maybe that's because many can't actually see a tomorrow that they consider worthwhile.
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  11. I was chatting to some of the younger members of staff in the office about credit cards a few weeks ago. One of them had maxed out her credit card and was slowly paying it off, the other two using them instead of saving up for something big. e.b £1000 + 18% apr for a TV. They all saw saving up as a waste of time and their flexible friend was an easy option.
    I was gob smacked. No wonder the country is up shit creek with out a paddle.
  12. I wonder what proportion of that was spent on ciggies and drink compared with how much of it was just wasted?
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  13. I have a mate who is a graduate in Veterinary medicine.

    His credit is totally maxed as he bought a house 5 years ago (200,000 quid, semi detached, 1950's, on an estate). Rather than paying the mortgage off, he has spent about 50,000 quid on credit cards and loans renovating and decorating the house interior.

    It is beautifu inside nowl, however it is on an estate. And it is still a former council house on a former council estate. So whatever he spends on renovations will not add markedly to the value of the house. In fact the value of the house has dropped by about 20% in the last 2 years, so he is now in negative equity.

    With his credit card repayments, his mortgage payments, insurances and utility bills as well as a new car (on tick, naturally), he is now borrowing money from his parents to buy food.

    When interest rates move up again he will be royally screwed. But before that happens, any number of other disasters could strike - and he has no way of paying his way if he loses his job.

    And if he does have to sell the house he wont get back what he paid for it, never mind all the improvements he has paid for.

    I am sure that there are many like him in UK right now.
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  14. Haunting Phrases of Doom?

    "Do you take this woman to be your wife"...........
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