Haunted Depots, Barracks and Training Areas

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by caubeen, May 30, 2007.

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  1. Many British army barracks and training areas are in historical places, some very ancient (Salisbury Plain etc.)

    Have any ARRSErs got tales of improbable, perhaps supernatural happening in such locations?

    If so, do tell - and post piccies if appropriate.
  2. Edge Hill nr Kineton, had massive medevial battle thousands died, now no birds can be heard anywhere near it.
  3. When I was in the cadets, we frequently went to Cultybraggen and Drip Camp, both of which were purported to be haunted by 'executed' POWs....what about when you were in the cadets Caubeen?
  4. Yes, Culty is said to have a "ghost army" on the trg area, and on SPTA I have seen and heard some very queer things indeed.
  5. Hohne Trg area (Bergen-Belson) still gives me the heebie-jeebies :oops:

    Spooky place.
  6. An Ulsterman Oh yes...

    British by birth, Ulsterman by the grace of God :D
  7. And God bless you for it! Served with many like you.

    Got any spooky stories from your own service/travels? Do post.

  8. None during my service or travels, but just before I got married I bought a Black lab pup, it had the run of the house and used to come up to my bed and lie between the wife (now ex) and myself.
    She had it out for a walk when it was about 9 months old, it got off the lead, was knocked down and killed.
    About 2 weeks later we were in bed sleeping and both woke up because we felt something jump onto the bed and lie between us, I was'nt frightened, but I felt comforted that the pup came home, so to speak.
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  9. I got promoted in Gib Barracks, Blackwater.

    Which was pretty weird, all things considered. :wink:
  10. Up in Hohne there are a number of buldings that are really haunted and there is rumoured to be a cash prize if you can stay all night in the most haunted of them.
  11. Did these 'queer' things involve any of those high ranking mates of yours? The ones from way back when you were in BKY and had a 'crown on the epaulette'?

  12. Ah yes, the Burger King Yeomanry, a fine body of men with a proud history. Yes, the 'Flame-Grillers' were a force to be reckoned with.

    I too am ex-BKY, but didn't manage to rise to the dizzy heights of having a crown on my epaulettes, I did have a star on my badge though....
  13. Yes a very spooky drive past there on the range road, never seen any birds flying over Belson. I spent a lot of time in Osnatrabruk in most of the barracks and there were lots of Stories about ghosts of German soldiers who were buried alive in the buildings cellars in Belfast and Roberts Bks.