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Does anyone here play this? I spent a couple of years there, quit around 2007, and signed up again today. I'm trying to convince a couple of lads in the office to try it too, since we have quite an active Fantasy Football crowd already.

For those who don't know about it, it's basically browser-based Champ Manager but with no real players. You register for a team and get given a random collection of players with computer-generated names and skillsets. It's up to you to train them, sell them, buy in new talent or develop your youth squad so you can progress up the league.

You get eight teams in a league, but there are loads of leagues in a division - the number increasing exponentially as you get further down; so there's one First Division, 4 2nd Divs, 16 Div 3s, etc. The game is all done real-time, and you get one league match per week which you can watch as text-updates if you log in at match-time. It's slow, and takes patience, but it's bloody addictive and well worth a look if you're a footy-manager fan.

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