Hatton's back

That unutterable, scouse git, Derek Hatton is on the BBC talking bollocks in exactly the same way as when he was commissar of scouseland.After Scargill being on the news recently and now the BBC digging up Hatton...which other lefty slug will re-appear next I wonder.
Just witnessed his tirade on BBC1. He has an arrogant attitude and appears not to wish to hear any rebuttals to his ideas/rants from the rest of the panel.

He is what we would commonly refer to as a witfuck:)


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When you have a shit there are two sorts of turds. Some sink immediately and can easily be disposed of. Others are buoyant and bob up to the surface. This sort of turd requires several flushes to get rid of.

Sadly Hatton is the second kind of turd...

The subject is "Abortion". He is the perfect example of why, in certain cases, abortion should be made compulsory.
Shame there isn't a "Turbo-Like" function!!

I've been idly watching this since it came on. Hatton has got two retorts to any point he doesn't agree with - either "Show me where the benefit scroungers / serial abortionists / whoever are" or "I don't see that; it's just the opinion of a journo".

He's an utter twat. That said, he's a Scouser, and hasn't mentioned Hillsborough for 1/980,000th of a second, so maybe we're making some progress.........
I guess the third member of the lefty slug rest would be Ken Livingstone, I guess he is lying low till everyone has forgotten what a hypocrite he is over his tax affairs. Like thats going to happen.
One of my proudest moments was stopping him coming into a bar I used to work at. Though I'll admit I didn't realise at first who he was, I was knocking him back as the arrogent cunt was trying to swerve the line of people waiting to get in.
With the unions back in charge of the Labour party, a weak and ineffective party leader and New Labour being airbrushed out of history, the loony left are crawling out of wherever they've been locked up for the past 30 years.

I bet Derek Hatton, Ken Livingston, Linda Bellos and the ghost of Bernie Grant are all sniffing round Labour constituencies that might be looking for a new MP in the next couple of years.
IIRC he's got a personalised plate, the ultimate socialist requirement

Hatton is an irrelevant arsewank. Why is the BBC giving this cock the oxygen of publicity ?
IIRC he's got a personalised plate, the ultimate socialist requirement

Hatton is an irrelevant arsewank. Why is the BBC giving this cock the oxygen of publicity ?

My guess he's hoping everyone will have forgotten how he ditched all his socialist beliefs to become a property developer (property is theft anyone?).


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I think it says much more about the BBC agenda than what Hatton is about.

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Degsy is a true champagne socialist, and a true Marxist. I remember hearing him on TalkSport back in 1999, he had a phone in during weekdays from 1000-1300hrs. He wasn't as left wing as he thought he was. He was replaced by Mike Dickin.


But we need Trotskyite dickheads like Hatton. Corrupt, loony, marxist and capitalist in one, sacked, detested and a thoroughgoing cunt, Hatton at least gives us some something to laugh at and a useful hate figure to pass the time.
Remember his car being trashed years ago.Guy doing it phoned him up to tell him to look out of window while it was going on.Degsy did not press charges,some 'misunderstanding'.Something to cover up methinks.
Must be a slow day at the News office for the Beeb. Why anyone wants to listen to the bleatings, dribblings, rants and f*ckwittery of folks like Hatton, Livingstone or Arfur Scargill beats me. they is... has beens!!

There must be a new generation of Lefty Political Walts who want to conquer the world....

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