Hatton v Pacquiao.

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Matty0001, May 3, 2009.

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  1. Its on Beefers :wink:
  2. When's this thing set to go off?

    Getting mixed results from google.
  3. Between 3 and 4 I believe
  4. Well it says coming up in 3 mins.
  5. Pacquiao by KO/TKO
  6. Very possible, Hatton's cuting it to the bone for this one.

    I hope he's not a vitim of "his own success/his tabloid write ups".

    Vanity always beats a boxer.

    I gave up boxing years ago because;

    a) I was rubbish
    b) I'd waste a lifetime trying to get opponents to punch me beautiful

    Good luck though RH :D
  7. Hatton KOd 2:58 of round 2, hammered down twice in first out cold before he hit the mat in second.
  8. Feck me that was brutal. I had Manny down for a TKO but but expected Hatton to last longer than that. Sadly that's probably about it for Ricky's career. Freddy Roach was right yet again, predicted a KO within 3 rounds, cnut! Ah well Mayweather v Pacquiao should be something to look forward to!
  9. Sandy was right.

    Still, no shame on Hatton. He was in the ring, we weren't.

    It's easy for us to sit on the sidelines and watch.

    Well done Ricky. You gave it a go - big hearted lad. :D :D
  10. I told everyone at work this fight exactly how this fight would go. Hatton had never fought anyone who was so fast, ferocious and who hit as hard as Pac Man.

    If i was a betting man i would have made a fortune.

  11. Well said
  12. much as i like hatton, i think it may be time for him to pop smoke.

    be remembered as a great fighter that got only got beat by two even beater fighters in his whole career.

    thought he would get beat, Pacquiao is like a machine.
  13. Waste of money!, set up like a little kipper. Proved he only knows attack and hasn't changed his ways, not good enough to mix with his previous 2 fighters. Mayweather played with him, Pacquiao didn't.

    Bring on Pretty Boy - Pacman. The real pound for pound champs.