Hatton v Mayweather is ON!

There's no official announcement on where it is, but it looks like the MGM Grand in Las Vegas is the favourite. I'm gonna book my trip ASAP when everything becomes clearer. I think Hatton is gonna move up for this one, but it's not a bad move like before, as Mayweather is not a natural welterweight. It's gonna be a big event - this is the big one!!
Any predictions?

My heart says Ricky but head says Floyd by split decision.

Its potentially fight of the year, a classic fighter v brawler contest. Regardless of who wins, its going to be a WAR!

There's rumours going round that the press conference might be held in the middle of Manchester in which case I might head up there myself and give Floyd a bit of stick!
Well its going to be a cracker of a fight, the press conference is being held here in Manchester, not sure of date, but i'll be there, wish he was fighting over here in Manc again though.
Hattons got a better KO rate, So even though Mayweather is a speed demand i think Hatton will have to much power. And not to mention Hatton has the heart of a Lion.
Personally think Hatton's power will be too much for him. If Ricky trains hard for it which im sure he will, i think he will edge it.
Dragon25 said:
i think Hatton will have to much power.
Not at welterweight he wont, it has already been proved that his punch dont carry up the weights.
Sandy's right - his power at welter is a bit of a concern. His showing against Luis Collazo last year showed that.
They're already talking about this one being in the same mould as Leonard v Duran 1 in 1980. The difference is that Mayweather doesn't have the same heart of a lion that Sugar Ray had so won't get drawn into a brawl with Ricky. In fact, watch for a safety-first performance from Mayweather. This is what worries me about this - Floyd will do exactly what he did against Oscar De La Hoya and run all night. But it'll be a great night whatever happens.

That press conference in Manchester will be awesome. Thousands are expected. When was the last time you saw a British fighter with this kind of manic following?
Mayweather is a top boxer and i know its only a short time in retirement but Hatton will be to strong for him.The Hitman will wear him down with body shots and take him out around the 8th.
Mayweather fights in bursts. Ricky will have to take it to him and sap his energy with some body shots.

Too close to call.

But I hope Ricky pummels the fcuker.
Just found out my mucker has got tickets to see the ricky fight in vegas. anyone want to help me burgle his house? As the guru said, i hope ricky pummels his smug gobby face into the canvas . 7th round! ends with a belly smashing body shot !
white_rolos said:
Just found out my mucker has got tickets to see the ricky fight in vegas. anyone want to help me burgle his house?
How can he have tickets when they aint even on sale yet and the venue or date hasnt been confirmed yet
Hope Ricky makes the weight comfortably, will be a cracking fight and providing Hatton avoids cuts i feel it will go the distance with Hatton coming out on top.
Thing is, the packages are now starting to become available so it's wise to get booking - this trip is going to be taken up very quickly so it needs to be nipped in the bud sharpish. I've just been on the phone to the bank to get my loan! I'm not a massive fan of Vegas but I can put up with it for a few days.

I'd prefer it to be in New York at Madison Square Garden. 8 flights a day from Heathrow with British Airways or Virgin Atlantic. Much easier.

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