Hats off to this chap!

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Purple_Emperor, May 24, 2006.

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  1. Hat duly doffed. Well done for him.

  2. well done to him i received one of those goc commendations too but i never got a photo in the news,

    his unit obviously respects him more well done and good luck in the future safe return i say.
  3. Well done :D
  4. Well done Pte Spaughton, wouldn't expect anything less from a WFR
  5. Well done Tom.

    Safe home.
  6. Well done Tom :D
  7. Drinks on you, Tom. Well done!
  8. Good work fella!!
  9. remeber talking to him once , two years ago, in the middle of an field ex and even then you could tell he was a top bloke , good on him.
  10. well done that man!!!! :D :D
  11. Congratulations, Private Spaughton! Well deserved... 8)
  12. Good work Tom

    I would
  13. Good man Tommy. Like the cut of your jib.

  14. gee, it's almost as if they don't know what they're doing :)

    good work fella, anyone who can get the snowdrops to do something useful deserves an award!