Hats off to this chap!

well done to him i received one of those goc commendations too but i never got a photo in the news,

his unit obviously respects him more well done and good luck in the future safe return i say.
Well done :D
Well done Tom.

Safe home.
Good man Tommy. Like the cut of your jib.

Private Spaughton had the strength of character to direct Royal Air Force Police personnel more senior to him to keep other Depratment of Border Enforcement (DBE) Officers at bay
gee, it's almost as if they don't know what they're doing :)

good work fella, anyone who can get the snowdrops to do something useful deserves an award!


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Good effort that man.
Well done that man,

There are few of these been awarded to the TA on operations, a good friend of mine got one on Telic 2 but didn`t get the exposure like tom.Shame, this is a the press the TA needs.

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