Hats off to an MP!! No honestly...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Herrumph, Nov 7, 2007.

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  1. Just heard that an MP has managed to get his bill first on the list for next session by "camping" (his description not mine) for 18 hours in Houses of Parliament.

    I was starting to think, what a Kn*b, hasnn't he got better things to do until I heard bill was tabling a motion for the government to honour the covenant in accordance with RBLs campaign.

    I didn't catch his name, Bob Something or other but I think he is MP for Colchester. I hereby promise to let him know when we are going to do our Guy Fawkes on parliament. OOps - scrub that comment

    Sven will no doubt delight in telling us that he is a Lib Dem and he may well be doing it for all the wrong partisan reasons but I don't care - well done. Let's hope MPs from all sides support motion - watch and judge those who don't
  2. There are 644 MPs in the House of Commons with two seats vacant. If more than 20 of them bother turning up for a debate on a Defence issue, it is highly unusual. Quite depressing really.
  3. Devoting his time to a worthy cause, putting himself out in the process, choosing the right moment to push the issue?

    Clearly no future in politics then.

    Good bloke if its true though.

    18 hours spent 'camping' in parliament to get an important job done is more time than some MPs will spend in the House in a fortnight.
  4. His name is Bob Russel, and I have been to see him on several times for issues I have had with Essex LEA. Likes to talk about the 2 weeks he spent in Kenya with the Army but I personally have found him as much use as tits on a fish, but that was for an education matter
  5. Only four posts as at: 071928Z NOV 07.

    Sorry, 'herrumph' me old soldier but nobody believes you - not in this country.